Putting the Recent St. Michael’s College Students Videod Yet Alleged Assaults/Sexual Assaults in Perspective

Forerunner and leader in the field of understanding the impact of childhood abuse, from smacks to sexual assault and other violent acts, Alice Miller, revealed the need for change in societal thinking.

Rather than blaming parents for what they naively pass on to their children because of their own experience, Alice, as do I, advocate for people to open their minds and consider, based on what psychology and sociology have revealed, that we do not have to pass onto others what we have experienced.

To do so, requires courage, boldness, respect, and love for our own wounds that need to be healed so we can change our mindsets and actions rather than inflect them on others, whether the others are children, youths, or adults. We can stop pointing fingers and instead focus on accepting the logical awareness in order for us to be compassionate for what was endured and to be vigilant in breaking the cycle.

Read more about Alice Miller and her lifelong work @


Read more about the unfolding drama of abuse and violence inflicted upon minors by minors.


Then, don’t just condemn the offending children, seek the available knowledge to break this cycle in our world because it is in your power to do so in your circle of influence.

For all the children we once were, the children now, and for all the children to come … thank you.


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November 22, 2018


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