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Been doing my research and in consideration of what is happening in California with the wildfires, their increased ferocity and deadliness, the anticipated increase in their frequency and impact because of climate change, the subsequent smoke-polluted air, the droughts/water shortages the forecasted impact of rising sea levels, and the fact that the north coast area I have been interested in establishing my company and a self-sustaining farm/ranch, foster home, school, and arts centre is also very close to the San Andreas fault where the three tectonic plates meet/collide and create earthquakes and tsunamis, the decision had to be changed, not just for me, but to keep all the employees, youth, students, and animals that will one day be part of what the social business venture, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle is building safe.
Instead, the plan is to next move to Innisfil just south of Barrie, ON so that as the company gears up for the next phase of development, plus growth and expansion, I can also scout the countryside to discover possible sites for the future growth needs of the self-sustaining farm/ranch, foster home, education, innovation, and creative centre that will also serve as the company’s and the foundation’s head office.
The Innisifil area is a perfect fit because of its location, including its proximity both to Toronto and Georgian Bay, meeting both professional needs and some personal wants. Also a bonus because Innisfil is interested in attracting growing entrepreneurial businesses … a win win!
However, I do hope to get back to visit California again one day and of course, I will keep hoping and praying for Californians as they cope with the challenges as well as the beauty of the state I love too. 💖


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November 24, 2018


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