HAZING REVEALS Low “Respect Level” Beliefs at St. Michaels College, What Hazing Can Look Like and Prevention

What was once tolerated, accepted, and even encouraged, hazing is being recognized for what it is … abuse … an abuse of power, of control, and of needing to feel superior by making others feel inferior by forcing acts upon them for acceptance.

Here is Toronto Mayor John Tory’s reaction …


And here is a link to an organization dedicated to ending hazing …


Whatever name is given abuse, it is only about one thing … not valuing another person’s life, which also reveals the lack of respect one has for one’s self because the consequences of our actions remain with us forever.

What kind of consequences do we want for ourselves and the children to come? Let’s help them break the chain of abuse and help make school a better and safer experience for all.


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November 29, 2018





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