Do you Know About “TALL POPPY SYNDROME?” Are You a Tall Poppy or …?

Discovered, the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” is the major reason my social business venture with its original intellectual capital and global initiative is no longer searching for support within Canadian borders, but is going international.

On another note, I also understand, for those who don’t feel good about themselves and their life, putting others down may briefly feel good, but it is a short fix that will have to be repeated over and over again … unless a person redirects one’s time and energy to rise up and take one’s place with the other tall poppies 😉

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Thankfully we all are different and have our unique lives to lead, so let us not cut someone down or criticize. It isn’t necessary, helpful, or productive. The best thing we can do instead is to be brave, bold, and strong and become the best version of ourselves … because that is how we live our best life, which enables us to also help make the lives of others better too.

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January 28, 2019


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