“Catalyst for Positive Change


The Research and Development

Twenty years of self-directed research and development, inspired by personal, professional, and first year university experiences resulted in my developing the concept of respect as a principle to logically, practically, and compassionately change the mindsets and therefore the actions negatively impacting society in areas from individual and social development to global economic and environmental impact. The outcome inspired the creation of intellectual capital consisting of a diverse range of books, products, and services, plus special events and projects for the social business venture, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle, transforming respect from a discretionary value to a global principle.

The Analysis and Rationale

Years of experience as a non-profit volunteer and also as a founder of two non-profits revealed the limitations set by non-profit incorporation, plus I have observed the dilemmas of founders, including Steve Jobs, who opted for profit incorporation, enabling outsiders without the vision to change the company mission to profit first versus a by-product of an organization’s founding mission and goals. The analysis clearly revealed the best way to fulfill my social business venture’s mission indefinitely is to retain all ownership and intellectual capital, take on three limited partners, and develop self-sufficiency through profit, plus establish a foundation to ensure all people have access to the books, products, and materials, regardless of financial limitations and  intellectual capital recipient.

The Driving Force

From a middle school grade “A” student to a grade 10 dropout, I didn’t overcome a lifetime of being a “misfit,” suffering the consequences and backlash until self-discovery revealed my MBTI Personality Type is estimated to be 6% of the American population. The realization and my in-depth study not only shed light on why I experienced the various levels of abuses, including severe teasing, ostracization, bullying, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and violence, as well as the unrecognized challenges presented by different learning and communication styles in both my personal and professional relationships, also empowered me to break the cycle of the impaired ability to make the best choices for my lifestyle and career satisfaction. The big picture and detailed awareness of myself have also fired up my confidence to forge ahead to help others who may be experiencing difficulties. To effectively support the mission, I evaluated my Personality Type’s strengths and weaknesses and have used the same evaluation process for the job description writing and recruitment process for the key management team.

The Business, Innovation, and Creativity Successes

Even as a high school dropout, early small business and education successes including, but not limited to, promotion to department store assistant manager at age twenty, to a grocery store head cashier and office manager at age twenty-two, while concurrently working part-time as an aerobics instructor also promoted to area supervisor, awarded the Phi Beta Scholarship for Outstanding Student Cooperation Award at age thirty when I graduated with Honors in Business Administration reflect my natural business and leadership aptitude. Acceptance into a year-long small business program provided a hands-on sole proprietorship experience for the creation, marketing, and selling of my art work in traditional and non-traditional markets. Subsequent design, communication, and visual arts studies, provided by bursaries, redirected my artistic talents to other opportunities including serving as designer and artistic director for my company. Exposure to and experience with big business resulted from my recruitment by the Canadian head office of an international corporation. Knowledge gained there in financial planning, operations, human resources, and merchandising were also enriched by experiences at a souvenir company with design, printing, key account merchandising, warehousing, inventory control and shipping rounded out by knowledge. Proposed, initiated, and co-developed two special projects. The first resulted in forty hours a month being cut from the operations monthly planning cycle and the second resulted in more respectful, enhanced working relationships between the head office human resources and several factories. During six of my seven years employment with the corporation, I voluntarily served as  treasurer for a community involvement team.

The Community Commitment

A lifetime of volunteering actually started in my twenties though as a founding board director for a new Big Brothers Big Sisters and continued throughout my life with roles such as a JUMP math tutor, a lead walker for a riding facility for the disabled, a cruiser for teen dances to ensure teen compliance and safety, and much more, with the latest serving as a kitchen, serving, and cleanup assistant for a group feeding a hot meal to 50 to 100 people in need a week.

The Written Word

In my mid-thirties, essay writing for university revealed again a buried natural talent and rekindled a passion for writing. My poems began being published in the university newsletter, literary journals, library journals, and trade journals, along with some of my short stories. My first book, a stream of consciousness effort, garnered a publishing offer, I participated in my first public book signing event with several other poets and authors for the release of a local anthology. A Toronto writing contest yielded an Honorable Mention, Literature. A children’s series, short fiction, a collection of poems, and several non-fiction were published  in ebook format on Smashwords, but I have removed all but a short story and collection of poems, redirecting them to print publishers. Currently I am writing Under the Influence … What We Don’t Know Does Hurt Us and finalizing the play written for schools.


“Catalyst for Positive Change”


  • Serves as the catalyst for positive change by leading the for-profit social business, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle venture in its growth and expansion into the global market
  • Recruit and develop the management team to consist of three eventual vice presidents and limited partners, defined as the Social Business Development Specialist, the Operations Specialist, and the Administration Specialist
  • Ongoing research and development, plus the creation of the diverse line of books, products, and services
  • Head the artistic/design team
  • Initiate special events and projects.
  • Comply with all regulations to establish and maintain respect, integrity, and compliance



Positive change catalyst and architect, logical, practical, compassionate, social entrepreneur, founder, executive, president, leadership, team building


Social scientist, philosopher, researcher, analyst, big picture thinking, innovator, problem solving, strategic planning, developer, organization, administration


Idealist, conceptualizer, writer, author, poet, playwright, publisher, artist, designer, special events and special projects, project design, development, and delivery

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“Catalyst for Positive Change” label for a personality type quoted from Do What You Are, authored by Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron, and Kelly Tieger


Advocate Educator Writer Social Entrepreneur & Founder

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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Updated April 3, 2019



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