ENIGMA …What Many “MBTI” Introverts Are to “MBTI” Extroverts and How Not Knowing This is Destroying Our World



enig·​ma | \ i-ˈnig-mə
, e-\

Definition of enigma

1 : something hard to understand or explain
2 : an inscrutable or mysterious person
3 : an obscure speech or writing

Definition from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/enigma

Dominating the American population and likely many others, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator “Extroverted” Personality Types are a talkative bunch. They talk to process their thoughts, talk to communicate, talk for stimulation, congregate to get energized, and sometimes they listen also. They like group activities, the more the merrier as it ramps up their brain activity. It’s how they function best.

Not so much for Introverts.

On the contrary, the other part of the population are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator “Introverted” Personality Types, of which I am one, can get burnt out spending too much time with “Extroverts” simply because the external stimulation combined with their own high internal stimulation is overwhelming, while an “Extrovert” spending too much time with “Introverts” can become lethargic, etc. from the lack of external stimulation.

Some people erroneously think introvert means shy, but like many “Introverts,” I’m not shy, in fact I am quite bold, though it may have appeared that way when I had been conditioned to believe I wasn’t up to par with all the “Extroverts” in my life. What none of us knew at the time is that I just  needed quiet time, especially alone time, not because I was being snobbish or thinking myself better than others, but simply because inside my mind is a very active place driven by an internal versus external drive, so quiet surroundings stop me from becoming overloaded with stimulation. Quiet time alone is also where my best problem-solving and creative processing functions best.

As of result of an “Extrovert’s” and an “Introvert’s” natural brain-processing differences, a lot of misunderstanding, confusion, fear, and even prejudice can be generated because some people are so very different from what is familiar to us.

Today is Good Friday, which for Christians means, recognizing the day when Jesus Christ was persecuted and killed for His differences born of people’s fears, ignorance, and resulting prejudice.

Jesus was an enigma … the most mysterious human of all and contradictory to what was deemed acceptable. Therefore the fearful majority demanded His death and the leader of the time, for political reasons, knew he had no choice but to follow their demand, so Jesus was not only killed, but was also made a symbolic spectacle of what would happen to those different from the majority.

Today, the world is still filled with people different from us and of course, the most mysterious to the majority, the “Extroverts” are the “Introverts.”

If an “Introvert” is successful, the mystery surrounding him or her is captivating. Take for instance Keanu Reeves. The attached link takes us to a GQ interview of Keanu, where the interviewer seeks to get the answers many seek about this enigmatic man.


But the thing is, as a high-level “Introvert” I get Keanu even though I do not know him personally nor all the details of his life because I don’t have to in order to know how he works. What I do know is that what people see in photos and on film is what he chooses to reveal for his profession, similar to the ice of an iceberg one sees above the surface, in contrast to the bulk of his essence that lies below the surface.

It is the same for me, but since I am not successful yet, I am not so intriguingly mysterious as I am harshly and incorrectly judged even though I have been working on a body of work that will help raise the standard of living and quality of life of all people. I tried to straddle both worlds, working in the “Extroverts” world, but then I had nothing left energy wise for the “Introverted” world of analysis, problem-solving, and creation of a body of work to help every child, every person, experience being valued … respected simply for being a life … because the world we have created was and is tearing my heart and soul apart with every account of disrespect … neglect, abuse, and violence.

Enigma. Yes, we all enjoy a little bit of mystery in life, but let us not let fear and the resulting prejudice take hold where respect, compassion, and even love need to be to co-create the better world we all want to live in.


Advocate Educator Writer Social Entrepreneur & Founder

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

Smashwords interview @  www.smashwords.com

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April 19, 2019







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