If You Excel at Sales and Fund Raising, Plus Want to be at the Forefront of a Ground-Breaking, Life-Changing Initiative …

For perspective about what it takes to be on the forefront, click following link for article by Emily Dreyfuss for Wired about University of Arizona astrophysicist Erika Hamden’s TED Talk about failure.


Though not titled academically, I consider myself a social scientist and as such, I know firsthand the challenges of being a scientist … all the research, study, efforts, and the failures before the idea is conceptualized, developed, and one day will pay off. I’m not trying to create a miracle cure or orchestrate a moon shot … just shift the world’s perspective about what we think of and how we treat each other … hoping one day enough people will realize that valuing … respecting every life is the most simple, yet feasible, economically sound, healthiest, and compassionate means to solve so many of our personal, family, school, work, community, national, and global problems. Good to know I’m in good company in theory and I am looking forward to working with the real team to make this shift happen … for us now and and the generations to come.

ON THAT NOTE … If you excel at sales and raising funds, plus want to be on the forefront of a ground-breaking, life changing initiative, here’s your chance! Visit the JOB OPPORTUNITIES tab for details!

Look forward to working with you!


Advocate Educator Writer Social Entrepreneur & Founder

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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April 28, 2019


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