NOT JUST an Idea, a Company, Books, and Products, BUT ALSO Mentoring Centres, Services, and Drop-In Options Too!

My own experience dealing with the challenges I’ve had to face because of my unusual MBTI Personality Type and the resulting consequences in a world that still believes people have to be a certain way or approved of before they are valued … respected inspired me to develop “The Respect Principle” concept, books, products, services, social business venture, and also one day the mentoring centres, certificate programs, and drop-in centres with various options to receive one on one or group sessions to help individuals overcome the obstacles they’ve encountered in a world dominated by the often unrecognized “Disrespect Philosophy.”
This is, because like Patch Adams, I’ve discovered that government funded and church funded organizations are too narrowly focused and rigid to the point some people will never ask, let alone receive the help they need to heal and develop their potential to the best of their abilities … or that they even can!
Thanks Patch Adams, Mother Teresa, and anyone else who has stepped outside the box to meet an unmet need for you have inspired me to do the same!

Looking forward to meeting and building the team to make this all happen!


Advocate Educator Writer Social Entrepreneur & Founder

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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April 29, 2019

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