How to Reclaim Our Professional Writing Skills and Our Professional Reputation

Like anything new, what is new can be used for good, or not.

Take for instance, social media writing and its impact on our formal writing skills.

Online we often write in short form, avoid punctuation, create acronyms, and employ emojis not only for texting, but also in emails and online correspondence.

Then when we sit down to write a formal letter for professional purposes, many of us bring our new habits to writing a formal document that is supposed to represent us professionally, which it does, but not always in a good way these days.

To counter what I discovered is my own writing sloppiness and laziness born of the new online age, I realized a library visit was in order. Serendipity being what it is, the library had pulled several books about writing and arranged a prominent display, so I was not surprised when Sam Leith’s “Write to the Point A Master Class on the Fundamentals of Writing for Any Purpose” figuratively jumped off the library display table into my hands.

Sam’s book refreshes one’s approach and reboots forgotten skills by pointing out the obvious and not-so-obvious new bad writing habits. With a friendly conversational tone, his voice also reveals in-depth historical and present English Standard knowledge. He presents the updated norms of what is considered formal professional writing now, including changes in punctuation use that can make or break our document and therefore the image we present.

No matter what we write or the media we use, our language skills and writing still provide an image of us to others online or on paper. And as a professional writer, I am grateful for the work of Sam Leith and others who guide us with skill and deftness through the waves of change impacting our primary communication tool of words.


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