Women Can Also Be …

“When a widow and three children are found dead after a suspicious fire, an investigation ensues that uncovers one of the victims’ monstrous past.”


Article by Lucus Reilly for Mental Floss by Pocket

A perfect example of what can happen when a woman is broken at a young age and therefore never develops a moral compass. Plus her story and my own experience are reminders that not just girls, but women also can be just as mean, cruel, selfish, vengeful, and diabolical as any man.

In light of all we are discovering about people and the effects of how people are treated at a young age, the more crucial the idea becomes that raising people’s “Respect Levels” in schools is necessary because we never know what children are experiencing at home and how their experiences will affect their unique personality.

It’s the only humane course of action we can take.


Advocate Innovator Writer Social Entrepreneur & Founder

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

Smashwords interview @  www.smashwords.com

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July 15, 2019





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