A Women’s Shelter Resident’s Plea

A Women’s Shelter Resident’s Plea

We are all living together in a women’s shelter because we have been hurt, abused, and violated by other people … even by ourselves.

Please, let us not take out our pain on the other people we live with now who are already over-burdened and also experiencing the consequences of how the pain affects us uniquely.

Rather, let us embody respect for ourselves by demonstrating respect for the space we share with others and for those other wounded souls now in our lives.

We do not have to like each other or approve of each other because we do not have to judge each other: we need only to live and let live, without causing any more harm to ourselves or anyone else because there are better ways to live that also generate better results.

We, for the time being, are the community we have around us, so let us encourage, uplift, and inspire each other to heal by growing past our past and becoming the best version of ourselves we can be … because we are all valuable, all worthy of so much more than we have settled for in our lives.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier



Advocate Writer Founder President Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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Posted July 24, 2019

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