“Why Schools Are Banning Yoga”

My perspective: fear.

The following article presents the religious intrusion perspective, but even before reading the article, this is the truth I know. When I do yoga for my health and well being, as a Christian, I am taking care of the temple (my body) God gave me because that is what I am supposed to do.

Plus I do yoga for me because the movements and poses relax me, stimulates my body and its organs for good health, and helps to prevent injuries by keeping my body limber and flexible. Proof is I am sixty four, healthy, and active. I take no medications and I have more flexibility than people much younger than me, as noted by a yoga instructor a few months ago when I participated in a few of her yoga sessions.

A perspective to consider is anyone who is fearful of yoga needs to examine what they are truly fearful of because yoga, like anything we do, becomes what we choose it to be. Yes, for some it is a spiritual practice, but for others, yoga is simply one important way we take care of ourselves simply because it works, like walking.

Therefore, please don’t throw out yoga because children need to learn early how to best take care of themselves and yoga as a health practice excels. And do not worry if a child choose to see yoga as a spiritual practice–remember everyone has the right to choose their own beliefs. And if your belief brings you peace and joy, your children will come back to the belief after they have explored other beliefs, so do not fear, but rejoice in the benefits to be reaped by all, especially their good health.


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October 4, 2019

Linked article by Alia Wong for The Atlantic on Pocket Worthy



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