“Burning Out”

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Over twenty years ago I was fortunate to tour, discover, and fall in love with California’s beautiful diverse environment. Twenty years later I was still in love with California and wanted to move.there and make it my business headquarters as well as my permanent home. I had even picked the area, several hours north of San Francisco in a place called Mendocino County, but thankfully God knew best and did not make it possible for me to relocate there.

For awhile I was frustrated and sad, but after reading the article below yesterday, I realized he saved me because two of the biggest wildfires were close to the area I had chosen. Thankfully, he turned what was meant for harm, probably driven by the enemy since my work is about helping people, into good by not making that dream come true because then the bigger dream in my heart, transforming respect from a discretionary value to a global principle would have perished along with me.

So today, I see what I could not see before and say Amen for his bigger scope of things and his saving grace!

And I pray for those who have to deal with disasters around the world.


Writer, Founder and President of Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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November 18,  2019








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