God Is Real, But So Is Satan

Linked article, The Devil You Know, by Elizabeth Bruenig for The Hedgehog Review on Pocket


My Personal Experience

As a child, I turned away from believing in God, and as a result, Satan, because I could not fathom how someone who was supposed to love us allowed me to go through the traumas I did as a child and teen. Now I understand the Catholic faith I was taught was not sufficient to keep me in faith, in part because of its hypocrisy, and therefore I was not protected by God as much as I could have been if my hurtful experiences hadn’t opened the door wider for darkness, evil, to slip deeper into my thoughts and heart.

Labelled a bright, but problematic wild child, no one knew, except those inflicting the trauma, the painful things that were happening to me, but just blamed, punished, and shunned me.

For years, I was held captive by dark thoughts, compelled to live in the dark (because Satan knows we can`t see the truth in the dark) and to do dark things, but the day came I was brought to my knees and cried out to God, demanding he help me by either taking me home or by giving me a purpose, which he did.

Taking away my pain, healing my heart and mind has taken years, determination, and a lot of learning, all made possible, of course, by his grace and the love I now finally feel versus the cold, angry, hard emptiness I felt for years.

Now, regardless of the ways Satan tries to take me back, whether through false new or familiar charmers, negative thinking, hate, or in any manner that does not reflect God`s light and love, I know who to turn to first and it is not a person because I have come to understand this is not a human battle but the battle between God and Satan.

However, thank God I now know we are not pawns because of free will, our right to choose, which to follow. so as someone who was kidnapped by Satan as a child, I encourage you to fight with all you are and to lean on God to help you live the best life only God will provide–filled with peace, joy, and his amazing unconditional love, no matter what have you have or do not have and no matter what you are going through. I must say I am amazed beyond my wildest dreams because until now, I have never felt so good about me and I am wishing the same for you because I know what was meant for harm God can turn into good.



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