“What to Say to Little Kids Instead of ‘Say Sorry'”

“Children love the word “sorry,” Shumaker explains, as it magically lets them off the hook. “It’s a little like teaching kids to be hit-and-run drivers,” she writes. The problem with the “sorry” solution is that many young children—say, preschool age—haven’t reached a stage of moral development to actually feel sorry, so parents are missing a key opportunity to teach real empathy.” quoted from the linked article below by Michelle Woo for Lifehacker.


This kind of reminds of vehicle drivers who pull out in front of pedestrians that have the right of way at intersections and the drivers that seem to think that smiling and waving justifies their illegal act just like kids and adults who say they are sorry, but don’t really mean it demonstrated by the fact keep on doing what they want regardless of the impact on others because they can get away with it with a word, smile, or wave.


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December 30, 2019


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