How Much Profit Does A Company (Microsoft) Need To Make Before They Stand By Their Products and Customers?

As with many businesses, organizations, and even government, what matters most is the majority, while the rest, especially people living below the poverty line (due to low-paying, contract part-time wages, unemployment, or limited income, such as seniors, people on disability, etc.) scramble to pay the hundreds of dollars Microsoft is forcing people to pay because business-wise they cannot afford to support what they created and sold. Makes one wonder how much profit is enough for a company?

As one of the above with a low income at this time, as of Monday January 13th, I will no longer be able to use my functioning laptop online unless I pay $250.00 to have it upgraded to Windows 10, plus have my files backed up and transferred or as Microsoft suggests in the link, I should instead be buying another laptop from them in order to add to the already overloaded landfill sites.

So, until I can do one or the other, my online activities will be restricted by the local library’s part-time access hours. Hope your January is better than mine is looking today.


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January 12, 2020






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