Mercy In Action: Coming Together To End Homelessness

So, the question is “When is everyone going to work together to solve this solvable problem?” rather than averting their eyes, walking around the people and skirting the issue of inhumane circumstances in our affluent western country? Our country (Canada) is dotted with empty buildings, including churches and schools, and houses that could be transformed if we all pitched in to help.

If I had the resources I would lead the task force in Canada to change what must be changed … because I know what it feels like and what it takes out of a person to be homeless, drifting, hoping for kindness, mercy … respect simply for being a life … even if a life that has lost its way or simply experienced so much hardship that living like this is all that is left of a person’s life.—Cxw0


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January 12, 2020



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