Reclaiming Confidence

All I have been through shattered the confidence I had built up, but thankfully my confidence, as with many aspects of myself that were badly broken, is being restored, even beyond what I knew before, empowering me to move forward with my purpose, including living the life I have known in my heart was mine to live.

Particularly helpful now is Joyce Meyer’s book, The Confident Woman, with the reminder that a “A person without confidence is like an airplane sitting on a runway with empty fuel tanks,” and I know that feeling all too well, especially this past year.

Thankfully, Joyce fills up our tanks with the wisdom gained from her own experience, “Confidence allows us to face life with boldness, openness, and honesty. It enables us to live without worry and to feel safe. It enables us to live authentically … we are secure in who we are … even if we are different from those around us.”

Yet she also reminds us, “So, if I say I am confident, which I frequently do, I don’t mean that I am confident in myself or my abilities, I mean that I am confident in my leader, God, and the gifts talents, and knowledge He has placed in me. (Check out John 15.5)

So personally I tell myself now that regardless of what I have gone through as a result of other people’s and my choices, I am not the result. I am malleable; an ongoing work-in-process with a passion for helping others, a deep-seated curiosity compelling me to learn continuously, and a highly intelligent, innovative, and creative mind that served organizations well before and can now serve my life’s purpose of helping other people to feel valued and realize more of their unique potential too.

And, of course, as wonderful it is to have relationships with people, what has been the best thing to learn is how to establish a personal relationship with God, who is now my first goto and always my last too as I step back into the world reclaiming what is mine … boldly confident, open, and honest, knowing that whatever comes I am ready and have the best backup available to everyone.



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February 10, 2020






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