Worried About the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic?

What every person chooses to do is, as has been said, “A part of the problem or the solution.”

Most of us will never know all the truth about the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Scientists are working to discover how to combat the virus, the spread of the virus, and ultimately the prevention of the virus, yet science takes time, takes trial and error, takes money, takes energy, and a whole lot of patience.

Most of us are not scientists, but patients waiting to be immunized, so our key role is not only being a patient, but a “patient” patient, following the guidance of the health professionals to protect not just ourselves, but also everyone else.

Will some people exploit the pandemic and us? No doubt. But that fact does not mean we should be concerned so much about being exploited as much as we should be concerned about our and everyone’s health … because if we get sick and or die, being exploited will be the least of our concerns … including the financial impact.

And if we want to minimize the pandemic’s financial impact on us, then it comes back to our doing our part to be a part of the solution rather than add to the problem.

It’s our choice. We can be selfish, thinking only of our wants, or we can be selfless, thinking not just of ourselves, but about everyone else … the world we share.

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July 13, 2020


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