We Are Strange Creatures

We are strange creatures indeed! It’s a funny, yet also a sad, thing that I and maybe you have noticed about social media and well, life too …

We share pictures, abstract ideas, personal opinions, emotions, and experiences a variety of information, a lot of negativity, philosophies, politics, and various spiritual beliefs, but nothing else seems to make as many people, even those Joyce calls ‘secret Christians,” uncomfortable and unlikely “to like” a post about believing in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and being excited about it … which is one of those funny, but sad things, because nothing else has brought about so much good into my life, even though right now, tangibly it may not look that way, but inside, oh my, I have never felt so rich, satisfied, peaceful, accepted, loved, and yes, even happy and joyful. But don’t take my word for it … go to the Word itself. … rather than just getting bits of it, often taken out of context or skewed by someone else’s opinion.

And since summer is always a good reading time and more so because of the pandemic, it’s a perfect time to also discover how best to cope with what is happening in our world. What made reading the Bible much easier for me though was reading an amplified Bible, which takes passages and puts them in modern day context. I’ve been using the Joyce Meyer amplified Everyday Bible. Whatever you choose, you will also discover how many people actually reference the Bible, people, and quotes comparable to the way many people people also reference Shakespeare’s writings too.



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July 27, 2020



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