FACE MASKS … When Facts Are Not Enough

The COVID-19 serves not only as a reminder of human frailty, but also of human strength … plus our fears and biases.

Many of us have heard the reasons for wearing a face mask and many of us are being directed to do so, but some people are refusing, for a number of reasons, including those made by people, such as the MD’s video I watched yesterday, who was arguing “facts”for not wearing a mask during the pandemic. He talked about the dangers to mask wearers and encouraged people not to wear a mask.

However, the “facts” he presented, true or not or even partial, did not take into consideration the humane choice.

Plus, his “facts” raised a few red flags for us to consider…

1. If his facts are true, that wearing masks will ultimately kill us, then our medical providers are in deep trouble and so are we, as a result, because we won’t have medical providers after this pandemic is resolved.

2. During the 1918 flu pandemic millions and millions of people died because they did not know what we know … that pandemics and plagues happen … and it is better to take precautions, the best we know how to do, rather than not, in order to protect not just ourselves, but everyone else.

3. Our world can be influenced by those who appear to be acting in our interests, but underneath have self-serving and/or even destructive motives.

For me, the analysis of the facts is not enough to guide my choice to wear a mask or not because most of us don’t have the means or knowledge to test everyone’s hypothesis and their “facts.”

So, logically, at this time, it makes sense to wear a mask in order to not add to the spreading of COVID-19.

And compassionately, it makes sense to me to wear a mask because I would rather take the chance of dying after wearing a mask to protect others rather than worry more about myself and choosing not to wear a mask because that is not a world I want to continue to live in anyway.

What about you?


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August 5, 2020

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