Gaslighters … More Common Than You Know So It’s Good To Know What They Do

This links to an informative guide on how to spot “Gaslighters … people with sociopathic narcissist behaviour” and what they do to exact control over others in order for them to feel okay.

In other words, this article is yet another way damaged people inflict damage on other people because it is what they know to do because of their own experience of being gaslighted also.

And yes, gaslighting behaviour can be changed, but often will not happen while he or she has continues to succeed with their efforts. Which also means, anyone being gaslighted will most likely have to leave a relationship, a friendship, workplace, or whatever, to take back one’s power and to rebuild one’s confidence.

And yes, personal experience also motivated me to share this knowledge too as I work steadily now to take back my power and restore my confidence in my abilities, along with my self-worth that many gaslighters impaired and almost destroyed.

To anyone who needs this, remember if people are making you feel bad about yourself, making you doubt yourself, get help in whatever form works best for you … because otherwise you could lose your life by wasting your life with such people or sadly like some people, you could get to the point you commit suicide, either by lack of care and carelessness for your life or by actually taking your own life.

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September 7, 2020

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