“The Emotional Intelligence Test Was So Accurate It Was Creepy”

Linked article by Rich Bellis for Fast Company on Pocket Worthy


In a world dominated by narcissism … in other words, the it’s-all-about-me mindset … and a sociopathic mindset … in other words, I-am-concerned-with-me-not-you-mindset … it is easy to understand why “Emotional Intelligence” is underdeveloped or impaired in many people in our world today.

I say many because if we look at the impact highlighted by the actual statistics based on crimes … child neglect, child sexual abuse, sexual assaults, domestic violence, human trafficking, racial, religion, and because-you-are-different attacks, plus blue and white collar crime (statistics revealing the ones that we know of, not the many we don’t), we find the proven evidence for low Emotional Intelligence that is an indicator of sociopathic narcissism and therefore of low “Respect Levels.”

As someone with an very unusual personality type who suffered greatly at the hands of people with low EI and in turn, sometimes gave back some of which I received, I personally know what having a low EI feels and looks like. Wanting to break negative patterns in me to generate different results, has meant, like it does with all change, looking at myself and then searching for the knowledge I needed to become aware of so I could see, not where I was bad or deficient, but where I was ignorant of what I needed to know to become, by my behaviour as well as my thoughts, the person I knew I initially was … very caring and concerned for others as well as for myself.

With a “Respect Level” finally above the 50% mark, I am grateful for the significant changes that has restored much of my true character before the world did a number on it. And I have to admit, I still have work to do to ramp up my EI to a level I will be satisfied with, which for me as an Intuitspecifically means reigning in my “Impulse Control.” So, the personal works goes on as does the professional work of helping others on their journeys by sharing what others and I have learned from our journeys.

Best wishes,

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September 16, 2020

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