Before Voting Tomorrow Pro-Lifers, Please Read and Consider the Following

Tomorrow American people who say they are pro-lifers are going to vote for a president that devalues, disrespects, degrades, dismisses, and bullies women … unless he is using them for his advantage … and I cannot stand by in silence knowing he has swayed pro-lifers just to get votes, when in reality it is men who act like him towards women that encourages men to do the same to women … and worse.

Even though there are the “Lowest numbers since 1973 … across all of the US … fewer women are becoming pregnant because of the increased contraception accessibility that is part of the Affordable Care Act. Read the linked article for details

However, we must also look beyond the decrease and the why to the other significant contributors to the problem …

Statistics: Every 73 seconds an American is sexually assaulted.

Estimated cost of rape is $122,461 per victim for medical costs, lost productivity, criminal justice activities, and other, such as counselling.

3 out of 4 sexual assaults go unreported to police.

Statistics from the Joyful Heart Foundation founded by Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order Special Victims Unit fame.

So, choosing pro-life now means not just opposing abortion, but about combining our efforts to change the mindset men have that they get to do what they want when they want with women regardless of the impact and consequences their choices manifest.

Plus, we must be compassionate for those who become pregnant due to rape or incest … would you want to carry and bear that child?

And because we all know that evil thrives when good people do nothing.

On behalf of those who can’t thank you, thank you for your concern, care, and compassion.

Specialist, Writer, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Founder and President
© All Rights Reserved 2014-2020
November 2, 2020


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