A Peaceful World Opportunity

What a wonderful world! We can choose to believe what we want and here, in North America, we have the freedom to express the joy of our beliefs.

I believe in Jesus’s birth, Christmas, so I say Merry Christmas, some believe in Hanukkah, so they say Happy Hanukkah, while others believe and say whatever they want, and as long as one’s beliefs, words, and actions do not foster prejudice and hate towards other people, we can co-exist peacefully with the philosophy of respect.

The gift people give back when they share their beliefs is heartwarming to me too. For instance, when I say Merry Christmas, I am happy for us both as they bravely expose part of who they are with words that express what is dearest to them too … because it is a wondrous gift getting to know people beyond the surface of their flesh.

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December 12, 2020


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