Applying What We Learn from History to Prevent Master Deceivers from Inciting Chaos and Hate Today

As history has repeatedly shown us, master deceivers excel at pulling the wool over people’s eyes so followers do not see the truth of the matter. We only need to look at serial killers and anyone with their own agenda to control and harm … Hitler is still one of the best examples of blinding people and controlling them by fear.

The President and his gang, not the Republican Party, are responsible for all that is ugly, dark, disrespectful, and hateful towards are all Americans. I am grateful that the mob attack to stage a coup has finally removed the veil from the Republican Party’s eyes … and as a result has UNITED what the President DIVIDED. Hooray and Amen! BRAVO Americans for saying enough is enough to protect DEMOCRACY and ALL AMERICANS!


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Last Updated January 7, 2021

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