What We May Not Know … What Narcissists, Abusers, Bullies, Tyrants, and Dictators Have in Common

The challenge for people right now is to ask the questions that need to be answered rather than digging in and holding fast to beliefs that could be harmful to themselves as well as to others. This knowledge is one of the first things taught to children, teens, and adults who have experienced abuse in order, not only for them to heal, but to be able to recognize abuse for what it is … because it is often cloaked or wrapped in charismatic, charming words and actions … until the person gets what he or she wants from the person or group he or she is victimizing. It’s kind of like a 101 class … the basics needed to learn in order to prevent the recurrence of being victimized again.

However, abuse is not restricted to sexual abuse, but as history and the present show, abuse can be used in any arena, including the political, currently being demonstrated in a country, the United States, that for many people has come to represent democracy and freedom from tyranny.

My hope is that with more knowledge about what is actually going on, more people will be encouraged to stand up to those who seek to stand on other people to seek a sense of superiority that is not attainable by might born of abusing and bullying those who don’t agree or follow them.

NARCISSISM … The term comes from the Greek myth of a young man’s unfortunate emotional investment in his own reflection. In its most general sense it stands for an exaggerated self-love.

ABUSE … To use improperly or injuriously, misuse. To hurt by treating wrongly. To speak in coarse or bad terms. To revile, malign. To deceive. Abuse of power. Vicious conduct, practice, or action. Abusive language. To slander. Insulting.

BULLYnoun … A swaggering, quarrelsome, usually cowardly person who terrorizes weaker people. A hired ruffian … verb … To intimidate or coerce by threats. To act the bully.

TYRANTnoun … One who rules oppressively or cruelly, a despot. One who exercises absolute power without legal warrant, whether ruling well or badly.

DICTATORnoun … A person having absolute powers of a government in a state, especially, such a person considered as a tyrant or oppressor. A person who rules, prescribes, or suggests authoritatively.

Source … The Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary, including Funk & WagnallS Standard College Dictionary 1966, 1968, 1971, 1975


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