Confident Secure People Are Not Egoistic and Are Not Motivated by Self Interest

Confidence can be a good thing, but as with most things taken to an extreme manifests an imbalance.

The same goes for insecurity, especially because the most insecure people falsely believe that they must try to elevate themselves to positions of accomplishment/power … in order for them to feel powerful and secure … when in reality, I have personally discovered from my own transformation from insecure to secure, secure people do not have to because they are not only secure, they are confident in their worth, regardless of their circumstances, their status, or their position.

Another challenges an insecure person faces is becoming prideful to the point of egoistic … otherwise described as conceited, self-serving, motivated by self-interest, in order to compensate for their insecurity. And a self-absorbed person will use whatever and whomever they can to achieve their goals, but when something or someone no longer suits his or her purpose, they are quick to dismiss, discard, blame, incite, and in some cases, even kill bodies as well as spirits. We certainly see this in all those books we read and movies/shows we watch, plus prisons are packed with many such individuals. And right now, we see this playing out our political stages in North America.

Control and manipulation are the tools employed by insecure people to mask their fear of being seen for what they truly are … a human being with weaknesses and strengths … and in their case, as one who feels so insecure and non-confident they must create a persona, not unlike “The Wizard of Oz” to support their false bravado.

And though humans throw the word “supremacy” around, such as with supreme court, supreme justices, and even white supremacy, the reality of the matter is there is no supreme being on earth. Every human is fallible and the most secure, confident people know this, and if they are leaders, they add team members who complement their strengths and add strength to their weaknesses.

In contrast, the other thing that identifies a secure person is their altruistic thinking and behaviour … he or she cares about and helps others … rather than seeks to control and harm … in part, because they are mature enough to know we are all in this world together and working together, drawing on each other’s strengths, rather than manipulating their weaknesses, is the best source of success for humanity, rather than extinction.

So, you decide … what kind of parent, husband, teacher, or leader do you want in your life … leading your community … your country?


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