Connecting the Dots … No Person is More Valuable Than Any Other Person

Last week my stomach turned and my eyes flooded when I watched these newly-released videos of the Capitol terrorist attack, labelled an insurgence. This is not about politics, it is about tyranny and tearing down democracy. It is about someone putting themselves, rather than those they serve, on a pedestal. It is about disrespecting … devaluing people who don’t agree with you. It is the opposite of democracy, the opposite of doing what is right and good, and it is definitely opposite to what Christians are supposed to do also. Anyone who needs to hurt others to feel supreme, in fact reveals their insecurity. In schools they call it bullying and in adulthood it is the same thing, but just with many other names. Tolerance only serves to give permission to escalate. As with all bullies, we cannot afford to let them rule because one day they may come after us. And as with all bullies, we cannot let them dominate because it is wrong on so many levels. No person … no person … is more valuable … worthy of being treated respectfully … than any other person. I know, as people, we struggle with this philosophy, but as a Christian, it is a must … no one is better than anyone else.


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February 17, 2021

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