“Millions are hounded for debt they don’t owe. One victim fought back with a vengeance.”

“The more Therrien learned, the more disgusted he grew with everyone involved.”

He isn’t the only one. What I have gone through as a result of going into debt so I could be available to Dad during the last years of his difficult life (2013 to 2015) continues to stun me. Even though I wrote creditors repeatedly and told them I would repay the debts when I could rather than file for bankruptcy, the verbal abuse and threats tormented, worried, and even scared me, even wasting cell phone time I could not afford. And even though I now consistently payback creditors each month, until recently I was still receiving abuse and threatening calls, but now as someone who finally believes God is in control in my life, I trust him to take care of those who seek to do me harm.

Sadly, Therrien reveals he still receives calls for debts he never even incurred!

Read his story on the linked article below …



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February 28, 2021

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