My Covid-19 Vaccine Excitement!

My personal preference is to do what I can to stay … to be healthy without medication.

Aging though, presents new challenges. What our bodies could once tolerate, no longer does the body give us a pass on. We have to make changes to our lifestyle, diet, managing stress, and managing aging.

After experiencing some scary health challenges in my thirties, I made some radical changes. I quit smoking, drinking coffee and most alcohol, plus left both a working and home environment that was adding to the problems versus helping.

A delayed child and teen hood fostered what seemed like a midlife crisis, but in reality was a period of deep discovery and healing. And since there was much to heal from, the journey was long, though it became longer as a result of putting my life and dreams on hold in 2011 when I moved back to be there for our dad until his passing in 2015. My health took another severe hit then that is only now finally being resolved as I get back on track with a healthy diet, a return to my yoga/pilates practice, and a new psychological/spiritual way to manage the stress of current financial challenges due to the debt I incurred to be with my dad, living accommodations, and lack of a vehicle in a community without public transportation.

Maybe it is because I have previously volunteered for clinical Phase II trials in Toronto that tested medications either on products already on the market or a competitive new product that getting the vaccine does not bother me. What bothers me more is having to take medication on a regular basis because after reading about all the potential side effects from available products already on the market, I prefer to keep changing my choices as my body changes with the aging process.

So, after booking my COVID-19 vaccine for the first week of May and late August I am excited to be doing my part to help solve the pandemic problem, to not infect anyone, and to free me from having to endure a lot of other medication and procedures were I to be become ill with the virus and its complications.

I also feel freed from having to stay in my kitchenless, bathtubless studio living space once the means arrives for me to move on … hopefully much sooner than later. May would be awesome, but patience is a new friend of mine.

And since I now have faith in God to take care of me, as I realize He always has, fear of science and a vaccine, is nonexistent … because all good things come from God and anything not from Him, He protects me from, which is a very comforting, uplifting way to live no matter what comes … because I know where I am going when all is said and done. I love and am greatly relieved to be living this way than the fearful life I have lived most of my life.

So, here’s hoping my experiences, knowledge, and words get you excited too! If yes, let’s get vaccinated together and then we will all be able to get back together and back to work much sooner than much later.

Take care. Be Safe. Protect yourself and others … because everyone matters.


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April 13, 2021

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