To Whom It May Concern

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well during this very challenging time.

I think of you often, miss you a lot, and am sorry for any and all ways I hurt you and continuously widened the distance between us. I don’t know how things got so bad between us, but I do know regardless of everything, I still love you very much.

As for me, I am okay. My pensions have stabilized me financially and I am working to monetize my writing in different ways to ramp up my income to move, buy some motorized wheels again, and grow my company so I can hire my team to share the load and diversity of work.

Much of my time here these past several years has been focused on unravelling why my life derailed to the point that it did. A lot of time and effort was required to investigate, discover, analyze, and to connect the dots, which I am sharing in my new book, Broken Compass. The other challenge has been how to tell my story without telling other people’s stories in order to respect their privacy. If you read Broken Compass when it is released for publication, you will be assured of that fact. Being able to share what I have learned through my study, research, and healing will help many people and families understand and deal with “invisible minorities” better in order to foster new ways for us all to be inclusive of all types of personality types, love languages, plus learning, communication, and socializing aptitudes in order to foster more respect and love for everyone.

The other important thing that has stabilized my life significantly has been studying Christianity in order to discover the inconsistencies and misinformation that turned me away from God in my youth and has now returned me, not to a religion, but to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life.

The scope of my vision, driven by the depth of my respect, compassion, and love, no longer scares or intimidates me, but soothes, calms, and excites me as I keep moving forward with what is in my heart and soul to do, for me, my loved ones, and for everyone … because I know its source.



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May 5, 2021


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