Honouring the Lives of Those Who Suffered (Suffer) at the Hands and Minds of People With Low “Respect Levels” for All Lives

“As early as 1904, the government of Canada knew that its unequal provision of health care funding was contributing to the death rates of children in these schools at a rate of about 25 per cent. It was in the media and everything,” she said.”

“Infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, neglect, child abuse and malnourishment were some of the main causes of death for Indigenous children in residential schools, she said. Many of those who survived did so with chronic illnesses and disabilities.”

“She remembers feeling dread at the sound of footsteps in the hall, knowing what would come next. “I would hear clunk, clunk…and it is one of the security guards…then the whimpers…the whimpers because here is the guy who molests people,” she said.”

“But there’s more work to be done for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. One thing that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has been pushing for has been for an apology from the Pope for the Catholic Church’s role in residential schools. “The Catholic Church has yet to do that, and to really accept full responsibility for reparations to families. So that’s something that we need to look into the Catholic Church to be doing to accept that accountability,” said Blackstock.”

“We need to understand that the federal government, as we’re sitting here, is fighting residential school survivors in St. Anne’s residential school. That was one that had a horrible electric chair if you can believe it, where they would shock children, and yet Canada does not want to provide proper compensation to those children,” she added.”

Quotes from the following linked article by Brooke Taylor and Jackie Dunham for CTV News


Personally, I know from experience, being abused traumatizes. but not being believed, plus being trivialized, discarded, and ignored breaks the spirit.

Plus, forcing people to be like us speaks more about our fear of differences and our insecurity that drives our need to be right in order to feel superior.

But no person is more valuable than any other because every life matters … simply for being a life.


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June 1, 2021

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