Getting Vaccinated … An Act of Compassion

We apply science, the knowledge of things and how they work, into our everyday lives.

We embrace new science every day, for instance technology … technology that opened the door to a lack of privacy no matter what providers and lawmakers say … so it is curious that people are worried about being tracked because of a vaccine card … when people can be tracked by their phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, GPS, and who knows what else.We embrace doctors’ care, prescriptions, and pharmaceuticals (legal and illegal, which are not approved and are deadly), and retailers to help us offset what ails us, yet ironically, considering the danger of a highly contagious disease, we say we don’t trust science … when it comes to something we don’t understand, like COVID-19, because it has not been around for a long enough time for us to get comfortable with the virus and drug testing … which begs the question, “How many people need to become ill and die before we finally act responsibly and respectfully for ourselves and for everyone else?”

Yes, we have the right to make our own choices, but since there are enough people who willingly disregard and even hurt others because of their low “Respect Level” acts and non-actions, laws and mandates have to be made to protect both the individual and an individual’s community, that’s why the legal system was developed.

No, life isn’t perfect. It is ever evolving … as we must … or suffer the consequences, including economic depression and watching many people, including people we love, perish because of our fears.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Writer, Artist, Founder, and President of the for-profit social business venture, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle. All copyrights reserved.


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