Where Does the Boldness and Confidence Come From To Do Something Unfamiliar, Uncommon … Extra Ordinary?

Now I understand why most people think I’m crazy, as I certainly have too, because they, like me, did not or do not know about or believe in the Biblical “Gifts of the Spirit” including but not limited to wisdom, knowledge, healing and the “Gift of Faith.”

To some degree we all have faith. We sit on a chair and trust it to hold us. We go to sleep and trust we will wake in the morning. We get into a car and trust we will get where we want to go. Women get pregnant and trust they will bear a child … etc. etc. etc. This is everyday, familiar, and normal faith we are all blessed with.

Then there are times or people who are blessed by the Holy Spirit with a “Gift of Faith” … an extra shot of faith to believe and do something out of the ordinary, such as establish worldwide ministries, serve as missionaries, serve as scientists who study for years to discover breakthroughs, parents raising disabled children, world explorers, and the list goes on and on. For me, I never felt experienced the desire or faith to have and raise children, but I do feel strongly about every life being treated as valuable, simply for being a life.

This all came to a head 25 years ago when I argued with God about the state of the world, how could He allow the trauma, the horrors, etc. I demanded that if He wanted me to stay in this world He had to give me a purpose, something that had been lacking in my spirit, or to take me home. What He gave me was the notion of making respect a global principle to reduce this world’s horrors. Since then, the road has been extremely challenging, made more so because I now know most people I know or have met, are not aware about the extra ordinary gifts of faith the Holy Spirit gives people to accomplish goals beyond the familiar and normal.

So, hopefully, now with this shared knowledge people will be able appreciate versus dis the people God designed to do unusual things to help make the world a better place.

Want to know more? Watch Joyce Meyer’s week of teachings “SUPER Natural Living” running this week.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Writer, Artist, Founder, and President of the for-profit social business venture, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle. All copyrights reserved.

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