Shooters Steal Lives. Yet Shooters Lives Are Stolen As This World Breaks Them to the Point …

Shooters steal lives.

Yet shooters lives are stolen as this world breaks them to the point they can no longer bear to feel the pain or become so deadened inside they do not feel anything, but relief when they are shot in return.

This is just one of the many compelling reasons I cannot give up on my purpose, the calling on my life, regardless of how my purpose and life is judged.

The longer we continue operating on the philosophy that only some lives are valuable and the rest disposable, this madness of mass shootings with assault rifles in the US will not end, no matter how many laws and safeguards are put in place.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Human Rights Activist, Author, Poet, Playwright, and Speaker. Available books, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle and Broken Compass How To Save A Life.

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