“As far back as humanity has existed, humans have done cruel, violent, and brutal things to each other driven by fear, greed, and the insecurities that incited and justified any action taken against a targeted person or persons. Laws and enforcement were designed and enforced to instill fear of punishment, as well as, to punish those who broke the laws, but even then there were always people, who for whatever reasons, got away with their crimes and against people, usually against the most vulnerable, unprotected, and devalued. Not much has changed and will not change if we seek only to use band-aids to address the consequences of our individual and collective broken compasses. The band-aids of laws and enforcement are expensive and do little, even nothing at times, to address, not the infection but the cause of the infection. So, as doctors do, we need to search for and examine the source in order to destroy the cause, even considering the cause to be cancerous … something that is harming, maiming, and killing, not just a person, but humanity itself.”

“Turning away, ignoring, and tolerating demonstrates acceptance, even smacks of approval. We can call for all the change we want, but if we do not individually and collectively agree on adopting one logical, practical, and compassionate way to tackled all the results of fear, greed, and insecurities people use to harm others, we will remain on a sinking ship that will take us all down … with no survivors. To counter, we have to consciously choose to see past politics, religion, race, sex, class, economics, etc. in order to to reject the long-held belief that some people are more valuable than other people and therefore get to do whatever they want to whomever they want, with little or no consequences. We need to want this not just to protect people from those who seek to do harm, but also to protect those who are being harmed so they do not also pass on the harmful legacy of their own experiences.”

“When a compass is broken, it is of little use, especially to the inexperienced. And when our own internal compasses become compromised, even broken, so do we and our lives reflect, not who we really are, but who we have become because of who we once truly were and the impact harm inflicted on us. Repairing individual broken compasses takes time, money, and during the process continues to add to the multitude of problems. Collectively through awareness-raising by sharing knowledge, motivation, and inspiration, we can re-calibrate individual and collective compasses, empowering humanity to rise to a new level of growth, potential development, and even the kind of love we all desire. As a member of the invisible minority who suffered greatly at the hands of the majority often throughout my life because of errors of judgment by people we do not mirror in likeness, my quest became and remains to connect the dots in order to raise awareness, educate, foster empathy, and catalyze positive change for both.”

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Human Rights Activist, Author, Poet, Playwright, and Speaker. Available books, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle and Broken Compass How To Save A Life, with the untitled sequel now a work-in-process.


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