The following is the introduction from the work-in-process nonfiction book,

Carpenter’s Daughter.


To my dad and mom for doing the best you could with what you knew.


The insights psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, and knowledge in general has to teach us empowers us to move beyond what was passed on to us in order to make the world a better place for the next generations. Understanding, even if in retrospect, enables us to connect the dots of our lives that may not have made sense when we were in the middle of experiencing our lives, but can also help us make sense later as we gain new knowledge and view our life through an enlightened lens.

My first version of my life story, Beyond the Pain A Journey of Healing, was written by an angry ignorant woman child still racked by pain and confusion, looking to lay blame in the early stages of healing. The publication offer from a small Arizona press was declined by me when I realized the book was not what I wanted my loved ones or me to be remembered for, plus as a cathartic device the book truly was only helpful for me.

The second book, A Charmed Life, was an attempt to write a creative nonfiction that used a unique approach to avoid pointing fingers, naming names, and placing blame, but as a result, it is a complex unusual book that I realized would not help me succeed in achieving the purpose for sharing my story.

In contrast, this version of my story, Carpenter’s Daughter, is none of the above. Instead, it is written to tell the story truthfully and respectfully, without blaming, naming, and pointing fingers because of the significance of my being a personality type estimated to be only 6% percent of the American population and the ramifications of that fact on the people in my life and me.

Presenting my story as a non-typical individual explains how I became the perfect person to launch the global initiative, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle, dedicated to transforming respect for all people and life from a discretionary value to a foundational belief that all humanity can embrace, regardless of their other beliefs, in order for all people to thrive because then humanity wins as it never has.

Even without the social implications, the economic and environmental implications alone will save us trillions of dollars, and the social implications have the power to create the peace and security of our wildest dreams.

The publication date is not yet determined, so stayed tuned!


Writer, Founder and President of Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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