My part-time profession and “chilling out” recreation, when I have the out building space to use, results in a different kind of “relief” artwork people have purchased or commissioned over the sporadic years I have been able to paint.

The latest offerings are a pair of unique, original complementary images cut from a larger piece of artwork I created on wood because I was gifted with two matching Bombay Company frames that work extraordinarily well with the artwork.

Original acrylic/mixed media artwork on wood is 14 x 16 inches, finished frame size 18 inches high x 22 inches wide. One for $275 or both for $449, for a savings of $101. Add applicable taxes, but don’t worry about shipping, I’ll ship it to you for free!

Taking a look at the remaining piece, I discovered a few days another image wanting to take centre stage in its own frame. Trimming down the mixed media on wood to 21 inches wide and 36 inches high, the unframed piece’s name I discovered is “Conception” selling for $599 unframed, plus taxes, though free shipping.

Though each piece is priced individually, if someone chooses to purchase all three for $799, he or she will save $351! Taxes apply, though shipping is free!

Personally I see all three on the same wall with the two smaller pieces on either side of the bigger piece, Conception, in a complementary frame of someone’s choosing, but to each their own.

See for yourself … but please note this style of artwork does not photograph well, at least with the resources I have to photograph with. However, in reality, the play of light and shadow and the sweep of texture are more alive and engaging when viewed directly, as people have also told me.

Bronzed Gold Original #1 in Bombay Co Frame with room light on

This is the first of the two images. The artwork itself is 14 x 16 inches, though the framed piece is 18 inches high and 22 inches side.

Bronzed Gold Original #1 Close Up Right in Bombay Co Frame

This is a close-up from the above image to better highlight its uniqueness not reproducible in prints.

Directly below is the second original relief, mixed-media painting, and following the second smaller piece is the larger work, Conception.

Bronzed Gold Original #2 in Bombay Co Frame



“Conception” original relief mixed media on wood to 21 inches wide and 36 inches high.  Individual price $599 unframed, plus taxes, though free shipping, but if you want all three, $799 plus taxes, free shipping seals the deal!

Payments accepted by PayPal, email transfer, money order, certified cheque, or cash. Paying by credit card by a swipe through a “Square” via a mobile phone coming soon too!

Thanks for your interest and patronage!

And if you have a space you want to fill with a custom, unique “relief” artwork, let’s discuss size, space, colors, ideas, and of course, price.

I guarantee custom orders because if the result is not to your liking, it will be to someone else’s liking because I have learned I can always sell the artwork …  so it’s a win win win!

Artworks are not limited by size as I enjoy working on large-scale pieces, proven also by the fact these two artworks were cut off an 18 inch by 6 foot original artwork.

Thanks also for respecting my copyrights to these images by not sharing or downloading.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier

Updated August 14, 2017

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