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November 21, 202

Want to Save Taxes and Minimize Government Spending?

People complain about increasing government debt and taxes … yet during this pandemic, because of their choice to not follow protocols to protect everyone, they are adding to the debt and taxes because of the spread of the virus they induce by the preventable medical costs needed to monitor, help, care for, and bury people, unnecessarily burdening the health care system, the preventable business losses and closures, and extending the pandemic due to a lack of respect for everyone’s lives, let alone their own.

Connecting the dots means seeing the big picture and being a part of the solution … by realizing there will be no freedom for anyone if there is little or nothing left of the world we knew before.

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November 19, 202

Why Making Mistakes Fosters Growth

Not making mistakes translates into not taking any risks, not growing, and not becoming wiser … and unfortunately, a lot less compassionate, unable to walk, even mentally, in someone else’s shoes. Some of my mistakes were the result of conscious choice, but many were the result of a low “Respect Level” for myself and as a result, for others, especially those who exploited, bullied, or abused me or other vulnerable souls.

The good news is that my failures put me in the position many times of the oppressed, the rejected, and those in need so when I write what I write, I may use statistics and even other people’s stories, but most importantly I write from actual, personal, heart and spirit-breaking experience. … in order to help both the heart and spirit broken and those who, consciously or not, contribute to the breaking.

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November 17, 2020

Be Aware. Be Respectful. Be Safe … and Make a Positive Difference

Numbers based on CNN Health’s website today …

COVID-19 World Wide … Cases 52.4 million … Deaths 1.3 million

COVID-19 United States … Cases 19,441,937 … Deaths 242,073

COVID-19 Canada … Cases 280,000 … Deaths 10,754

And even if you don’t believe all the deaths were directly a result of COVID-19, that is still a lot of people who died and a lot of health care costs incurred, so please don’t add to either sets of numbers. Be aware. Be respectful. Be Safe. And make a positive difference … Please … for your own sake as well as everybody’s sake.

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November 12, 2020

A SHOUT OUT, THANK YOU, and PRAYER for all those who have fought and still do fight for freedom from tyranny and all its abuses!

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November 11, 2020

Celebrating Tonight the Joy and Victory of US Democracy … Respect For All People!

Congratulations Joe and Kamala for your intellectual and emotional intelligence that will help to heal the divide of Americans!

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November 7, 2020

Democracy, the Freedom Experiment, Is At Risk

Anything can be used for good or evil.

For instance, information technology, when used for good connects us across distances, saves us from having to go places by enabling us to do errands, and even work remotely. For businesses, they have more ways to reach us, pitch us their product, and with the data collected by our IT usage, they can identify our needs and wants, even create them for their own profit. But people and companies can also breach security and confidentially beyond the laws for their own gain.

Any group, small or large, can and do do the same thing for their own advantage.

Capitalism … The Idea and the Reality

In a capitalistic-driven society, individuals are encouraged to be independent, to generate wealth, especially vast amounts of wealth and to be admired for their their accomplishments, many of which have little or no regard for the many who have not or have not been driven as they have. However, not paying wages at or not above the poverty level, not providing benefits, and not paying their fair share of taxes based on the profits they make reveals the dark side of capitalism that has little or no moral conscience.

Socialism Is Not Communism and Was Designed For Good, But …

Socialism’s original intent was intended to balance the many imbalances born of rabid capitalism without a conscience that left many of a nation’s people poor, unhealthy, and abused. But as with other systems of thought or ideals, there were people who turned what was meant for good into evil by seizing all goods and dispensing it sparingly to the people the nation governed, which is now defined as communism, making capitalism an ideal to strive for, which is why, in droves, people from around the world do their best to make their way to countries, especially the United States that once most strongly represented the capitalism ideal.

Democracy … The Intent, the Experiment, and the Current Dilemma

To balance the extreme capitalism ideal of the United States, democracy, as well as capitalism are embodied in The Constitution, and to some degree also in other capitalistic-driven countries, such as Canada.

Democracy is supposed to ensure all of a nation’s people can have their say by voting, but even today that right in the United States, is being challenged by those in power who want to stay in power by whatever means, once again demonstrating clearly how something intended for good, democracy, is now being used for evil.

The Price Being Paid for Extremism Ideals

Because we have learned that anything often taken to the extreme is unhealthy and often causes great harm, we have to not only ask the difficult questions, we must be relentless in digging out the whole truth. In other words, we must as citizens with the power to vote, do what is called in the business world “due diligence” to see both the details and the big picture in order for us to make the best choices, not just for ourselves, but for our families, communities, nations, and yes, even globally … because what we choose or don’t choose does affect all of our circles of influence.

After realizing that extremism can be dangerous when it is selfish, for our own good too, we must be open to examining what has been and why it may not be working as it was intended so we can adjust what needs to be adjusted for optimal performance.

Would you run a vehicle into the ground because you choose to disregard the engine’s warning? Would you run your health into the ground because you choose to disregard your body’s and even your doctor’s warning signs? Would you put your pregnancy or child at risk because you did not want to be bothered with signs of something not being right?

We would not if we valued … respected our transportation, health, or child.

Today, around the world, and crucially in the United States right now, we have to take into consideration that rampant capitalism without a social conscience is selfish, bullish, and immoral. Immoral capitalism is no different from other forms of tyrannical concepts and people who exploited the masses for their own gain.

Does this mean socialism in its original form is desired? No. However, what it does mean is that socialism, like capitalism, can be adapted for the times because of raised awareness of the impact of the extremes.

We also have to accept that we are still learning and growing individually and collectively as a species.

Debunking Myths


For instance, we have to debunk the myth that meritocracy, the idea that with capitalism everyone has an equal chance to amass great wealth, is not only false, it is not something everyone actually wants because not everyone values money above all else. Plus, some people even see those with great wealth as money idolizers who care nothing for anyone or anything besides themselves and their wealth. Of course, there are the exceptions, but their numbers are small in comparison.


Besides, not everyone wants to get rich for the sake of getting rich … they want a rich life … a life rich with love, balance, health, and decent incomes to meet their needs and some of their wants provided by those who need the masses’ labour for their entrepreneurial enterprises, keeping in mind that anything less than providing wages at least at the poverty line is anan abuse of power and a form of enslavement resulting from imbalance.


Yet there are people who fear the empowerment of people because they fear what people will do when they are truly free to choose … who to vote for, work for, buy from, and where to live. Yet this is what our western world touts as right, but once again, those who feel threatened are those who are fearful and therefore want to generate fear to keep control over people.


Enlightenment comes from paying attention, not just to ourselves, but also to the world around us. There will always be people who will need to be cared for because of intellectual, mental, physical limitations, illness or age. They need our compassion and caring as well as financial assistance to ensure their quality of life is not substandard to those who can take care of themselves. With the wealth in our free nations, there should be no outcry of paying a fair share of taxes for the benefits the wealthy … and even the middle class enjoy.

The Take Away

More than politics, religion, or any other belief system should not overpower or override our awareness that what we do impacts us as well as everyone else. And what we believe is always subject to modification as we learn and grow, not just in intellectual intelligence, but also our emotional intelligence, that when combined transforms us into not just self-seeking individuals, but individuals who realize life is so much more than just about us … it’s about all of us.

An Old Story For the Present

Once upon a time a frog stood on the edge of a pond readying itself for its pending swim. A scorpion walked up to the frog and asked, “Can I have a ride to the other side?” Naturally, the frog quickly replied, “No! You’ll sting me and we will both drown!” But the scorpion persisted and argued, “No, I won’t because then I would die too!” Against the frog’s better judgment, the frog gave in and agreed so the scorpion climbed onto the frog’s back. Not too far from shore, the frog cried out, “You promised!” As the frog and scorpion slipped below the water’s surface, the scorpion replied, “I am what I am.”

Thankfully, we are more than what we may have or still do believe because humans are a species with the ability to learn, adapt, and realize more of our extraordinary potential. We do not have to allow good ideas to be transformed into evil. We forged nations based on democracy. We can change the culture that exploits the masses for the benefit of a few. We can employ socialism’s best qualities to help others without giving up capitalism’s good qualities. We can change the culture that has come to idolize the rich and their wealth by thanking them for their entrepreneurship that created jobs and living wages by doing our jobs well, without frustration, resentment, or jealousy … even with gratitude and satisfaction.

We have the power to combine the best qualities of democracy, socialism, and capitalism for our individual benefit, our nation’s benefit, and our global nation’s benefit. What are the rewards you ask? Peace, safety, and security, plus wellness born of the development of our unique potential development for work and life satisfaction.

What happens next is up to us. We have freedom’s power to choose, so let us choose wisely and set a good example at home and around the world.

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November 1, 2020

“Why We Should All Stop Saying “I Know Exactly How You Feel”

Linked article by Celeste Headlee for IDEAS.TED.COM

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September 24, 2020

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice … One is Not Possible Without the Other

I am pro-life and pro-choice … because one is not possible without the other.

Only when girls and women are respected enough by men and by women and girls themselves to not get pregnant … except by conscious choice of the responsibility are pro-choice and pro-life possible …. which is why sex education and raising individual and societal “Respect Levels” are key to preventing unwanted pregnancies, especially those resulting from naivety, incest, and sexual assault.

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September 23, 2020

“The Emotional Intelligence Test Was So Accurate It Was Creepy”

Linked article by Rich Bellis for Fast Company on Pocket Worthy

In a world dominated by narcissism … in other words, the it’s-all-about-me mindset … and a sociopathic mindset … in other words, I-am-concerned-with-me-not-you-mindset … it is easy to understand why “Emotional Intelligence” is underdeveloped or impaired in many people in our world today.

I say many because if we look at the impact highlighted by the actual statistics based on crimes … child neglect, child sexual abuse, sexual assaults, domestic violence, human trafficking, racial, religion, and because-you-are-different attacks, plus blue and white collar crime (statistics revealing the ones that we know of, not the many we don’t), we find the proven evidence for low Emotional Intelligence that is an indicator of sociopathic narcissism and therefore of low “Respect Levels.”

As someone with an very unusual personality type who suffered greatly at the hands of people with low EI and in turn, sometimes gave back some of which I received, I personally know what having a low EI feels and looks like. Wanting to break negative patterns in me to generate different results, has meant, like it does with all change, looking at myself and then searching for the knowledge I needed to become aware of so I could see, not where I was bad or deficient, but where I was ignorant of what I needed to know to become, by my behaviour as well as my thoughts, the person I knew I initially was … very caring and concerned for others as well as for myself.

With a “Respect Level” finally above the 50% mark, I am grateful for the significant changes that has restored much of my true character before the world did a number on it. And I have to admit, I still have work to do to ramp up my EI to a level I will be satisfied with, which for me as an Intuitspecifically means reigning in my “Impulse Control.” So, the personal works goes on as does the professional work of helping others on their journeys by sharing what others and I have learned from our journeys.

Best wishes,

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September 16, 2020