Applying What We Learn from History to Prevent Master Deceivers from Inciting Chaos and Hate Today

As history has repeatedly shown us, master deceivers excel at pulling the wool over people’s eyes so followers do not see the truth of the matter. We only need to look at serial killers and anyone with their own agenda to control and harm … Hitler is still one of the best examples of blinding people and controlling them by fear.

The President and his gang, not the Republican Party, are responsible for all that is ugly, dark, disrespectful, and hateful towards are all Americans. I am grateful that the mob attack to stage a coup has finally removed the veil from the Republican Party’s eyes … and as a result has UNITED what the President DIVIDED. Hooray and Amen! BRAVO Americans for saying enough is enough to protect DEMOCRACY and ALL AMERICANS!


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Democracy, the Freedom Experiment, Is At Risk

Anything can be used for good or evil.

For instance, information technology, when used for good connects us across distances, saves us from having to go places by enabling us to do errands, and even work remotely. For businesses, they have more ways to reach us, pitch us their product, and with the data collected by our IT usage, they can identify our needs and wants, even create them for their own profit. But people and companies can also breach security and confidentially beyond the laws for their own gain.

Any group, small or large, can and do do the same thing for their own advantage.

Capitalism … The Idea and the Reality

In a capitalistic-driven society, individuals are encouraged to be independent, to generate wealth, especially vast amounts of wealth and to be admired for their their accomplishments, many of which have little or no regard for the many who have not or have not been driven as they have. However, not paying wages at or not above the poverty level, not providing benefits, and not paying their fair share of taxes based on the profits they make reveals the dark side of capitalism that has little or no moral conscience.

Socialism Is Not Communism and Was Designed For Good, But …

Socialism’s original intent was intended to balance the many imbalances born of rabid capitalism without a conscience that left many of a nation’s people poor, unhealthy, and abused. But as with other systems of thought or ideals, there were people who turned what was meant for good into evil by seizing all goods and dispensing it sparingly to the people the nation governed, which is now defined as communism, making capitalism an ideal to strive for, which is why, in droves, people from around the world do their best to make their way to countries, especially the United States that once most strongly represented the capitalism ideal.

Democracy … The Intent, the Experiment, and the Current Dilemma

To balance the extreme capitalism ideal of the United States, democracy, as well as capitalism are embodied in The Constitution, and to some degree also in other capitalistic-driven countries, such as Canada.

Democracy is supposed to ensure all of a nation’s people can have their say by voting, but even today that right in the United States, is being challenged by those in power who want to stay in power by whatever means, once again demonstrating clearly how something intended for good, democracy, is now being used for evil.

The Price Being Paid for Extremism Ideals

Because we have learned that anything often taken to the extreme is unhealthy and often causes great harm, we have to not only ask the difficult questions, we must be relentless in digging out the whole truth. In other words, we must as citizens with the power to vote, do what is called in the business world “due diligence” to see both the details and the big picture in order for us to make the best choices, not just for ourselves, but for our families, communities, nations, and yes, even globally … because what we choose or don’t choose does affect all of our circles of influence.

After realizing that extremism can be dangerous when it is selfish, for our own good too, we must be open to examining what has been and why it may not be working as it was intended so we can adjust what needs to be adjusted for optimal performance.

Would you run a vehicle into the ground because you choose to disregard the engine’s warning? Would you run your health into the ground because you choose to disregard your body’s and even your doctor’s warning signs? Would you put your pregnancy or child at risk because you did not want to be bothered with signs of something not being right?

We would not if we valued … respected our transportation, health, or child.

Today, around the world, and crucially in the United States right now, we have to take into consideration that rampant capitalism without a social conscience is selfish, bullish, and immoral. Immoral capitalism is no different from other forms of tyrannical concepts and people who exploited the masses for their own gain.

Does this mean socialism in its original form is desired? No. However, what it does mean is that socialism, like capitalism, can be adapted for the times because of raised awareness of the impact of the extremes.

We also have to accept that we are still learning and growing individually and collectively as a species.

Debunking Myths


For instance, we have to debunk the myth that meritocracy, the idea that with capitalism everyone has an equal chance to amass great wealth, is not only false, it is not something everyone actually wants because not everyone values money above all else. Plus, some people even see those with great wealth as money idolizers who care nothing for anyone or anything besides themselves and their wealth. Of course, there are the exceptions, but their numbers are small in comparison.


Besides, not everyone wants to get rich for the sake of getting rich … they want a rich life … a life rich with love, balance, health, and decent incomes to meet their needs and some of their wants provided by those who need the masses’ labour for their entrepreneurial enterprises, keeping in mind that anything less than providing wages at least at the poverty line is an abuse of power and a form of enslavement resulting from imbalance.


Yet there are people who fear the empowerment of people because they fear what people will do when they are truly free to choose … who to vote for, work for, buy from, and where to live. Yet this is what our western world touts as right, but once again, those who feel threatened are those who are fearful and therefore want to generate fear to keep control over people.


Enlightenment comes from paying attention, not just to ourselves, but also to the world around us. There will always be people who will need to be cared for because of intellectual, mental, physical limitations, illness or age. They need our compassion and caring as well as financial assistance to ensure their quality of life is not substandard to those who can take care of themselves. With the wealth in our free nations, there should be no outcry of paying a fair share of taxes for the benefits the wealthy … and even the middle class enjoy.

The Take Away

More than politics, religion, or any other belief system should not overpower or override our awareness that what we do impacts us as well as everyone else. And what we believe is always subject to modification as we learn and grow, not just in intellectual intelligence, but also our emotional intelligence, that when combined transforms us into not just self-seeking individuals, but individuals who realize life is so much more than just about us … it’s about all of us.

An Old Story For the Present

Once upon a time a frog stood on the edge of a pond readying itself for its pending swim. A scorpion walked up to the frog and asked, “Can I have a ride to the other side?” Naturally, the frog quickly replied, “No! You’ll sting me and we will both drown!” But the scorpion persisted and argued, “No, I won’t because then I would die too!” Against the frog’s better judgment, the frog gave in and agreed so the scorpion climbed onto the frog’s back. Not too far from shore, the frog cried out, “You promised!” As the frog and scorpion slipped below the water’s surface, the scorpion replied, “I am what I am.”

Thankfully, we are more than what we may have or still do believe because humans are a species with the ability to learn, adapt, and realize more of our extraordinary potential. We do not have to allow good ideas to be transformed into evil. We forged nations based on democracy. We can change the culture that exploits the masses for the benefit of a few. We can employ socialism’s best qualities to help others without giving up capitalism’s good qualities. We can change the culture that has come to idolize the rich and their wealth by thanking them for their entrepreneurship that created jobs and living wages by doing our jobs well, without frustration, resentment, or jealousy … even with gratitude and satisfaction.

We have the power to combine the best qualities of democracy, socialism, and capitalism for our individual benefit, our nation’s benefit, and our global nation’s benefit. What are the rewards you ask? Peace, safety, and security, plus wellness born of the development of our unique potential development for work and life satisfaction.

What happens next is up to us. We have freedom’s power to choose, so let us choose wisely and set a good example at home and around the world.

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Originally posted November 1, 2020

  • Re-posted January 6, 2021 in response to coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol today.

Why Respect for All is the Most Logical, Practical, and Compassionate Tool for Peace

Love, of course, the unconditional kind, is the ultimate tool for peace, but based on the state of our world with all of its conflict, strife, and division, humanity has a long way to go before unconditional love becomes the new normal.

Personal experiences and the stories of others who had or were also suffering needlessly at the whims of others wracked me constantly with sadness and outrage for those harmed by ignorance, prejudice, and their own woundedness, acknowledged or not.

I inherently knew we needed one simple tool that the majority could buy into by choice. One simple tool that would entice the majority because of its social, economic, safety, security, and environmental impact. One simple tool with the power to slip beyond the boundaries of race, religion, politics, sex, class, etc. One simple tool with common sense and compassion merged together.

The answer that rose up from my core was the idea of transforming respect from a “value” to a “principle” that eventually became my thesis, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle. The thesis resulted in several essays, books, a play, and will grow into a worldwide social business venture as funds allow … or should I say as people help make it happen.

Maybe these desperate times of the pandemic will motivate people to do things differently … to work together for the common good as well as for the good of themselves.

Here’s hoping … and while I am waiting for help, well, I will keep doing my part to help make the world a better place for all people.

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January 1, 2021

2021 Hope List

  1. We will value … respect each life.
  2. We will foster good will towards all people.
  3. We will not add to a humanity problem, but be part of the solution.
  4. We will use our unique talents and skills to help solve the world’s problems.
  5. We will work together as a community and as a community of nations for peace.
  6. We will not devalue, demean, ignore, abandon, or harm intentionally another life.
  7. We will recognize our differences, desire to learn from them, desire to share our differences … and discover, develop, and evolve individually … and as a species.

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December 31, 2020

Truth of Might

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November 21, 202

“The Likability Dilemma for Women Leaders”

A linked post is not loading, so please visit TED for Robin Hauser’s talk at TEDsMarin or goto my Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page to click on the link of the above title to enjoy, plus either be surprised or validated.

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November 14, 2020

A SHOUT OUT, THANK YOU, and PRAYER for all those who have fought and still do fight for freedom from tyranny and all its abuses!

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November 11, 2020

Celebrating Tonight the Joy and Victory of US Democracy … Respect For All People!

Congratulations Joe and Kamala for your intellectual and emotional intelligence that will help to heal the divide of Americans!

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November 7, 2020

“How We Call Races”

Get the details about The Associated Press on how it “Calls A Presidential Race”

Linked article by The Associated Press

Shared by …

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November 7, 2020

What We Don’t Know About Personality Types Inhibits Our Ability to Make Sound Decisions

The challenge for us all is to let people be different without punishing them for their differences … unless they are hurting, abusing, and violating a person or people for their own gain, which doesn’t even have to be monetary, but could just be about controlling others to express one’s wounded or broken spirit.

Psychology was founded with the goal to understand people in order to help them. Sigmund Freud focused on developing his methodology though one on one analysis, while Carl Jung, the other founder of the psychology movement took a different approach.

Carl Jung’s thesis resulted in further distinguishing the different types of personalities with specific traits. Later on, a mother and daughter team expanded Jung’s concept and developed what has become a standard profiling tool used to determine the best fits for jobs, especially for executive jobs and for ivy league school applicants; however, the success of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is now used more liberally to determine if a person may be a good fit for a role. In fact, I have also used the MBTI to write my company’s job descriptions for the team I will one day recruit for my social business venture, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle.

Basically the MBTI is divided into 16 characteristic groups and each person’s personality type, after answering a series of questions, is categorized as a certain type, such as, an ESTJ.

The first letter, an E or an I, represents the dominant way a person’s mind processes the world. E represents Extroverts whose minds require constant external stimulation for their brains to function optimally. They are the talkers who dominate not only conversations, but also the majority of people and environments. I represents the minority, the Introverts, whose minds are highly engaged internally, thinking all the time, so, to not become overstimulated/stressed, Introverts require a lot of quiet and/or solitude.

Fortunately, the world needs both because the Introverts are the scientists, the writers, the artists, and the creators, including entrepreneurs. Their work requires they work on their own though they often collaborate by bringing their unique talents together. Extroverts are the people who love to communicate with others to get jobs done. They work to make what’s been discovered or created a reality for the many. They sell and build houses, they manage companies, and enjoy work that engages their mind constantly externally plus taps into their other unique skills.

However, because a lot of people are unaware of the MBTI Personality Type tool and other comparable tools available to help us accept and even understand people different from us, people judge people based on their own stereotypes they have been taught, even if they are not aware of the biases they may have learned.

For instance, the other day I heard a woman being interviewed by a news team that she would not vote for Joe Biden because his soft-spoken manner made him weak to her, while Donald Trump, because he is loud and bullish is strong. Yet, as an Introvert myself, I know I am much stronger than most Extroverts I know because I study and pay attention in ways Extroverts mostly do not. As a result, Introverts often have more knowledge that makes them stronger though they may convey their strengths in different ways than dominating conversations and/or even grandstanding, but grandstanding is more likely to occur if an Extrovert is insecure and uses loud aggression to vent and/or mask insecurity.

Of course, the actions of both Extroverts and Introverts are also influenced by the other MBTI characteristics that further define one’s Personality Type, such as N for Intuitive versus S for Sensor, T for Thinker versus F for Feeler, and lastly J for Judger or P for Perceiver.

And, on top of the natural Personality Type is the profile, which basically is the reviewing on one’s childhood, youth, and life experience to date to best understand why one person with the same Personality Type can be very different from someone else with the same MBTI Personality Type.

As we mature, it is also noted that Personality Types become more balanced over time, but there are always exceptions.

One of the greatest influencers for healthy development of both types are how people are treated. When people are treated disrespectfully, made to feel bad about their differences, they will often act out based on their Personality Type. Introverts withdraw from people, whereas Extroverts hunger for attention and approval, though both, if damaged in their younger years may seek to inflict damage on others, men often one way while women often in another.

However, as witnessed again the other night on television, the biggest and consistent misconception I have observed is Extroverts describing Introverts as shy and weak because of their lack of knowledge and their preference for people just like them. But because a person is not loud and does not dominate a conversation, does not mean neither is he/she shy or weak. We Introverts prefer to think before we speak. We prefer to process not only a person’s words, but their mannerisms, and the way a person treats people.

Personally, as an Introvert who did not have this knowledge for years, I was deeply hurt and traumatized by Extroverts who misjudged, misunderstood, and harmed me greatly because of ignorance and because of the fear of someone too different from them. The result was I believed what they said and accepted how they treated me. I erroneously thought I was the problem and for years allowed people to treat me as less valuable if I did not act like them.

And sadly, the experiences broke my spirit and derailed the life I should have been living, until I did what came naturally to me … I dove into the books to understand the mess ignorance, fear, and intolerance manifested, not just to help myself, but also to help both other Introverts and the Extroverts who falsely judge Introverts because of their lack of knowledge that prohibits Extroverts from making sound decisions for their families, relationships, communities, businesses, and yes, also for their country.

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November 2, 2020