Seeking to Understand Anti-Vaccers’ Justification, Freedom, to Refuse I Pondered the Following …

I get it. No one likes to be forced to do something they don’t want to do, however, stating freedom of choice as a primary justification for not getting vaccinated raised these questions and thoughts for me. Ironically, anti-vaccers’ decision imprisons the rest of the population forcing us to stay in pandemic mode longer thereby increasing health care costs, decreasing regular health care access, increasing government taxes and spending by extending the pandemic, financial hardship to people most in need, including essential workers, plus families, businesses, communities, schools, and nations, escalating real estate and rental costs and availability, product availability and subsequent increased prices, job losses, education setbacks, preventable deaths, increased weaknesses for the vulnerable, and more, plus division versus unity when we need to stand together to overcome the evil of the pandemic.

Beyond all these and other considerations, getting vaccinated is an act of love because love considers others as well as one’s self and it is only love that overcomes evil.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Human Rights/Peace Advocate, Author, and Freelance Writer. Available books, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle and Broken Compass How To Save A Life. All rights reserved.

Why I Abandoned Christianity and Why I Returned


Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, January 20, 2022

Even through the eyes of a child Catholicism and Catholics did not make sense to me. I did not understand that for all the talk of love, the kind of love I experienced hurt. A lot. And my highly curious, investigative, and logical mind could not make sense of the contradictions between words and actions.

Early grade school reports revealed I thrived on learning, demonstrated by my excelling in all areas, but the black and white clothed grade three teacher curbed my learning drive. Her constant frustration with my becoming restless and inattentive with her constant chatter compelled her to ship me off to the corner of the classroom, cloaked in embarrassment and shame. Regular rapping of my knuckles with a ruler fuelled more defiance, but the day she stormed towards me with her brandished yardstick and smashed the wood across my head, she surprised and riotously angered me.

Grade four memories evade me still because by this time I was slipping away from school and home to find peace and quiet in the outdoors, encountering strangers and often not remembering still how I got where I was and whom I had been with.

By grade five in Catholic school, hurt and pain had been transformed to constant defiance lashed out on others in outraged anger, well beyond the scope of the hurt he or she may have inflicted on me. My horror to this day is still wondering if I played a part in upending a female student’s desk with her in it as part of a pact the class bullies decided to inflict upon the one person teased and ostracized more than me. As I stood in the lineup of students to be strapped for their involvement, all boys but me, I recall my wonder when my favourite teacher sent me packing to the office instead. Teasing and taunting grew as my height spiked and towered over most of the males in grades six, seven, and eight in Catholic junior high school and family life still pushed me out of doors, but no longer for peace, but the search for love and acceptance … somewhere.

The idea of being loved by God faded with every passing year and by sixteen was non-existent, pushed to the extreme after a violent marriage that made previous physical disciplines look and feel like taps.

Berated by a priest for my audacity to ask to be married for the second time in my life in his Catholic church sealed God out of my life well into my forties, with the exception of yearly attending Christmas Eve midnight mass with my sister.

Philosophy and new age studies took over my mind for awhile, but no matter what, peace evaded my tortured spirit and soul, so I gave up on believing there was any more to life other than life and doing one’s best with whatever presented itself. Even the second marriage of almost twenty years could not survive because of long-buried hurts, trauma, unforgiveness, deep-seated rage, and never ever truly feeling loved and accepted.

Eventually the deep craving for peace and love would not leave me alone and I found myself entering churches of many different denominations, but old wounds and careful scrutiny kept me at arm’s distance from settling in somewhere. And then there were the constant contradictions red flagging all my and other people’s attempts. The only time I felt comfortable thinking about God was singing in a community choir and eventually a church choir.

What pushed me out of a church faster than anything else were the people who pushed their way into my personal space with invasive questions and uninvited touch.

Finally I gave up walking into churches and turned to the Bible to try and understand unfettered by people, but after the violence I experienced in my lifetime, the Bible’s violence, righteous or not, turned my stomach and my eyes from the words.

Partial to studying, books beckoned as did movies and television shows, such as Touched By An Angel, which took the sting out while teaching softly and gently, until I could finally listen to televangelists whose style and words did not smack of the familiar condemnations, but instead fostered hope while teaching actual Bible truths rather than some people’s adaptations of Bible truths.

The long, winding sojourn back to God has been fraught with the consequences of unbelief and the unrighteous acts of defiance and revenge forged by a lifetime of immense pain, trauma, and loneliness.

My later in life journey also angered many people as they wrote me off as lazy or worse, not able to comprehend as people could not when I was younger because of their lack of knowledge too about different personality types, love languages, learning, and communication styles, plus the wounds the different experience born of ignorance and intolerance. Even now,  their frustration with my choices when I say I asked God and He directed me, startle me as many are Christian believers too, though I now understand their level of belief has not grown as much as mine, in part because of my intense study and relationship development with God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit in order to actually save my life from the heavy burdens of guilt, judgment, condemnation, and resulting depression.

And just last week, the day following my sixty seventh birthday, God directed me to give up on the project I worked on for seven years to transform respect from a discretionary value to a global principle, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle, to turn instead to helping people with writing what I have learned and starting divinity studies to eventually serve also as a minister.

I share this for anyone who walked away from God or was never even introduced because learning He is for you, especially when no one else is, provides comfort and peace not easily found or experienced in this world.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Human Rights/Peace Advocate, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle social business Founder/President and Blog Writer, plus Author of Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle and Broken Compass How To Save A Life. NEW FOR 2022! Freelance Writing and Divinity College/University. All rights reserved.


Do you know someone or are you one of those people labelled negatively by family or peers or community? Or have you lost someone due to depression or addictions? Or are you a person struggling to pull yourself out of a state of mind threatening your actual existence?

After years of searching for answers and for healing in order to move forward with the life right for her, Broken Compass How To Save A Life author, Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, shares her lifetime struggle as a member of an invisible minority made more invisible by her repeated attempts to escape a world determined, by ignorance and intolerance, to force her to conform to their expectations or to not exist in their world.

Shared for those struggling to discover and claim their authentic life and the people around them, family, friends, communities, and professionals, Kaitlin’s emotionally naked tale illuminates and inspires while she attempts to respect and protect the privacy of the people she encountered on her challenging and often traumatic life’s journey.

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Where Does the Boldness and Confidence Come From To Do Something Unfamiliar, Uncommon … Extra Ordinary?

Now I understand why most people think I’m crazy, as I certainly have too, because they, like me, did not or do not know about or believe in the Biblical “Gifts of the Spirit” including but not limited to wisdom, knowledge, healing and the “Gift of Faith.”

To some degree we all have faith. We sit on a chair and trust it to hold us. We go to sleep and trust we will wake in the morning. We get into a car and trust we will get where we want to go. Women get pregnant and trust they will bear a child … etc. etc. etc. This is everyday, familiar, and normal faith we are all blessed with.

Then there are times or people who are blessed by the Holy Spirit with a “Gift of Faith” … an extra shot of faith to believe and do something out of the ordinary, such as establish worldwide ministries, serve as missionaries, serve as scientists who study for years to discover breakthroughs, parents raising disabled children, world explorers, and the list goes on and on. For me, I never felt experienced the desire or faith to have and raise children, but I do feel strongly about every life being treated as valuable, simply for being a life.

This all came to a head 25 years ago when I argued with God about the state of the world, how could He allow the trauma, the horrors, etc. I demanded that if He wanted me to stay in this world He had to give me a purpose, something that had been lacking in my spirit, or to take me home. What He gave me was the notion of making respect a global principle to reduce this world’s horrors. Since then, the road has been extremely challenging, made more so because I now know most people I know or have met, are not aware about the extra ordinary gifts of faith the Holy Spirit gives people to accomplish goals beyond the familiar and normal.

So, hopefully, now with this shared knowledge people will be able appreciate versus dis the people God designed to do unusual things to help make the world a better place.

Want to know more? Watch Joyce Meyer’s week of teachings “SUPER Natural Living” running this week.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier, Writer, Artist, Founder, and President of the for-profit social business venture, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle. All copyrights reserved.

“The Power of Hope … Suicide is NOT the Answer”

Drugs and psychology will only get you so far … take the next step and you won’t even need them anymore.

Worked for me!

Just click on the image and listen what this group of people share to help those in desperation or witnessing someone’s fall into darkness …


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July 12, 2021

When I first conceptualized “Respect as a Principle” to address …

Talking about my idea to an acquaintance, she asked me, “What if someone stole your idea?”

I smiled and replied, “That would prove they did not get the concept.”

With the concept initially recorded several years ago as the idea behind the non-profit corporation I founded as “It is All About Respect, Inc.” I closed the non-profit and renamed the initiative, “Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle,” and registered the company as my sole proprietorship that will one day become a Limited Liability Partnership.

From the beginning I attracted encouragement from several people, but I also attracted naysayers. What surprised me the most though were the people who wanted to take my work and run with it … without paying for my years of study, research, and experience, nor my creative efforts in discovering, naming, and writing based on the concept. And the people who wanted to take my work were professionals who saw the potential and wanted to take the credit as well as infringe on my copyright for their gains. A few memorable examples include a friend, who obviously was not a friend, a social worker, a community organization employee, and a consultant.

I used to worry about the theft of over 25 years work, but thankfully, as someone who has finally put my faith in God and His protection, because this was His idea anyway when I yelled at Him during my dark night of the soul and demanded, “If you exist, give me a purpose or take me home!” now I do not.

So, here I still am, 25 years later, healed and prepared to go all the way transforming respect from a discretionary value to a global principle by helping people to understand why the concept … the idea … the philosophy is sound … logical, practical, and compassionate.

Stay tuned!


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July 6, 2021

Life, at times, is hard for everyone, but for some of us …

Life, at times, is hard for everyone … but for some of us, those of us who don’t “fit” in with the normal around us, it is harder and more traumatic. Most “normals/the majority” want us to be like them, to reflect their beliefs and their choices. But when we do not believe as they do, choose as they do, and act as they do … because we do not know how or finally refuse to do so because not being allowed to be ourselves breaks our spirit … to the point that many people finish the job people started by the normals/majority judging, ridiculing, ostracizing, abandoning, or worse … by taking their own lives directly or putting themselves in dangerous circumstances or by addictions or simply by giving up … because they have not yet realized they are valuable too … simply for being a life.

Because of God I did not. He never left me though I did not know that for most of my life. So my job, the purpose He gave me, is to shine for who I am and the purpose He gave me so I would stay in this world to help the minority, the outcasts, and the rejects, the majority want to disappear, plus educate the majority about what they are doing and the consequences for them personally and for all of humanity … socially and economically.


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June 27, 2021

“I was described as a dreamer, a fantasist, and even the village idiot …” Ada Yonath

Nobel Prize winner for chemistry, 2009, Ada Yonath quoted from the following link @

Also check the following link …

YES! What people don’t understand, they try to diminish, devalue, or worse, but as Ada, and others know, including me, what people believe, think, judge, and say about someone else does not make it true … and for those of us who forge on anyway, well, as you can see, amazing things do happen for those who venture into the unknown, unimagined, and unrealized.


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June 25, 2021

Smashwords Interview of Writer, Artist, and Social Entrepreneur …

Just click on the direct link below to discover what drives this writer, artist, and social entrepreneur


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June 12, 2021

Honouring the Lives of Those Who Suffered (Suffer) at the Hands and Minds of People With Low “Respect Levels” for All Lives

“As early as 1904, the government of Canada knew that its unequal provision of health care funding was contributing to the death rates of children in these schools at a rate of about 25 per cent. It was in the media and everything,” she said.”

“Infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, neglect, child abuse and malnourishment were some of the main causes of death for Indigenous children in residential schools, she said. Many of those who survived did so with chronic illnesses and disabilities.”

“She remembers feeling dread at the sound of footsteps in the hall, knowing what would come next. “I would hear clunk, clunk…and it is one of the security guards…then the whimpers…the whimpers because here is the guy who molests people,” she said.”

“But there’s more work to be done for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. One thing that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has been pushing for has been for an apology from the Pope for the Catholic Church’s role in residential schools. “The Catholic Church has yet to do that, and to really accept full responsibility for reparations to families. So that’s something that we need to look into the Catholic Church to be doing to accept that accountability,” said Blackstock.”

“We need to understand that the federal government, as we’re sitting here, is fighting residential school survivors in St. Anne’s residential school. That was one that had a horrible electric chair if you can believe it, where they would shock children, and yet Canada does not want to provide proper compensation to those children,” she added.”

Quotes from the following linked article by Brooke Taylor and Jackie Dunham for CTV News

Personally, I know from experience, being abused traumatizes. but not being believed, plus being trivialized, discarded, and ignored breaks the spirit.

Plus, forcing people to be like us speaks more about our fear of differences and our insecurity that drives our need to be right in order to feel superior.

But no person is more valuable than any other because every life matters … simply for being a life.


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June 1, 2021