Currently two fiction works available for your consideration to purchase for film/television, though a third, A Charmed Life … The Story Behind Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle, ebook is releasing October 30, 2017 so stay tuned!


Meet Little Jack, the cast of animal characters, and one surprising character as young Little Jack ventures out into the world armed mainly with irrational fears that get him into more trouble than need be during his series of Little Jack adventures.

Children’s adventure series for ages 5 to 105.

Bunny 1




A challenge and a half for a director, unless a director discovers how to best utilize the metaphorical symbolism of broken-spirited horses to broken-spirited people from the short story, Dark Horses.

Target audience, the broken hearted before they become the broken-spirited.


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Looking forward to seeing both stories come to life on screen. Are you the person(s) to make it happen?

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Updated October 23, 2017

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