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Artwork Update

Bronzed Gold Original #1 in Bombay Co Frame with room light on     Bronzed Gold Original #2 in Bombay Co Frame

Bronzed Gold #1 and #2 or both for $450.00

Original mixed media on wood, framed 18 x 22 inches

Available for direct purchase or at the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery.

Two of my other works, Conception and Black Beauty, will be on display at the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery, as part of the juried exhibition on the same day as the Christmas Social.

Sorry, no pictures of the artwork submitted for the juried exhibition is available until after the exhibition per the gallery’s guidelines.


As an artist, I have had to find other ways to create rather than just using pastels and paints because of the negative impact they have on my health if I use them full time … hence I am a part-time visual artist, part-time writer, and part-time entrepreneur with everything working together towards the same goal … being wholly who I am and inspiring others to do the same for themselves, their loved ones, and for humanity’s gain too.
Since I love metallic paints on paintings and have always wanted to sculpt, working with metal to create large artworks has since popped up in my head as a next step … when I have the space, equipment, knowledge, and new skills to do so.

For more information about my art history, please review my Artist Curriculum Vitae

Updated November 29, 2017

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The Dark Side of Humanity …

“What I define as Residual Anger is the often unexpressed, unresolved anger that is carried on from one experience to another, individually and generationally, building and building until it manifests in a constant seething undercurrent in our lives. It is the lifelong, mostly subconscious force fueling our human race. We are angry because of the Disrespect Philosophy’s powerful influence and effects regardless of its origins.”

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

For You … Because Everyone Matters version, page 98


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