But What I Believe … is Right! … Right?

See, that is one of the major problems with our world.

We all want to be right, especially when we may not be feeling so sure about our beliefs, but want to project the confident, assured image to the world whose beliefs are “right” while everyone else’s beliefs are wrong.

But the thing is, even the “Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE” concept, which some people think is my idea, really is only a label I applied to historical and present results generated by people’s actions or non-actions; the belief whose results demonstrate in our world that no one is entitled to being valued … respected … without meeting someone’s “right belief” or what I call a “qualifier,” such as beliefs, status, class, looks, race, religion, politics, etc.

The concept of recognizing every child … every person as valuable is simply a meeting ground for all of our different beliefs to come together while we work out how to build on what can also serve as a foundation.

It does not matter what my spiritual beliefs or yours are or any other belief we each have for that matter … provided it is not a belief that you or anyone has the right to violate another person for any reason.

What does matter is since the human brain’s capacity far outweighs its current estimated use, coming together with a non-political, non-religious, non-etc. agenda, we can start to work out together how best to tackle the numerous different problems our “right” thinking has caused.

The success of a global initiative, such as the “Connecting the Dots … with The RESPECT PRINCIPLE” one means first raising awareness and then motivating the large diverse population … from the think tank folks to middle school students and everyone in between around the world.

Being “right” is not a problem when it comes to knowing what is “right” for us, such as in the relationships, friends, careers, beliefs, etc. we choose; however, being “right” for the sake of being right, for the sake of not growing, not changing is never “right” … because like it or not, not one human being, no matter how high their IQ, has everything figured out and even if they did, it would not matter … because they share the world with us … and the smartest thing he or she could do is to raise our “Respect Level” high enough so everyone develops to the best of their potential … which in turn has everyone being and doing their best in co-creating our world.

Now don’t you think … believe … that is a “Win Win” to infinity and beyond!

August 12, 2015



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