If We Want a Better World, We Need to Unite and Create It

Discrimination in all forms hurts us all if we look at the big picture … the implications of what valuing … respecting one sex, race, etc. ultimately means to us all.

Keeping women or anyone down by discrimination testifies to the closed-mindedness, hardheartedness of the heart, and yes, even the greed.

But how many stories do we need to read, hear, or watch that reveal what happens to people who discriminate? All the stories ultimately end the same … the discriminators do pay for how they have treated others and those discriminated against eventually do win, even if just morally, which provides the peace discriminators never gain,

On this International Women’s Day, let us hope for the day when we no longer need to have special days to celebrate a sex or any other difference because we have grown in the capacity to respect all life that makes the world a better place for us all to live … and thrive.


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Connecting The Dot s With The Respect Principle

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March 8, 2019



PEOPLE First … MONEY Second

We may not like politics, but since politicians make decisions impacting the quality of our lives, we need to do our part.

Suze Orman, an American financial guru’s philosophy is, “People first, money second.”

To me this sums up the strategy of addressing people’s needs first because of the consequences of not addressing those needs that will simply multiply over time when not addressed.

As for balancing a budget, we know it is important, but not at any cost, especially costs that will eventually escalate because of needs not being addressed. Some people have the knowledge and wisdom to be able to do both … we just need to give them time to work out both … plus give them room to make mistakes too because, well, it’s a way of leading that is logical, practical, and compassionate.


Advocate Educator Writer Social Entrepreneur & Founder

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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March 5, 2019



Every time I try to step up and take control of his project and my life, God corrects me by leading me to his word to read to help me understand I’m getting off his track and onto my own … again.
As of yet, the only person I know that gets this right now is Joyce Meyer, who, like me, has a strong-will that had also been corrupted by a lot of negative, harmful experiences, and as a result, prevented us both for some time to listen to good advice, including from him.
Today he reminded me about wilfulness …the price Jonah paid and the command he gave to Abraham to leave all he knew behind and move to a new country.
Took me the day to get over my anger and disappointment that Vancouver is not where I am supposed to go, but California. Not that I don’t want to go, but in my mind it just seems like such a daunting thing considering my current circumstances. The frustrating, yet rewarding challenge is I am to keep doing the work without seeing significant results yet, to experience other people’s lack of support and doubt too, while God connects the dots from all the seeds he has had me plant.
I know to non-believers and even to believers this makes me look like a lot of things I don’t want to look like, but I have it on several good authorities, blowing people’s minds open with things people say can’t happen is one of God’s favorite things to do … because those kinds of things help people believe in more than ourselves and our own power.
So, when am I moving? In a heartbeat I could be gone. But I don’t know and I am going to stop thinking about it, except I will continue to prepare in expectation because I am going to faithfully follow God’s lead because this is so much bigger than I have been able to achieve on my own.
The really great news? I’m so excited to see the realization of all he has put in my heart, mind, and spirit … and to share it with you in so many wonderful ways!


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July 28, 2018