“The ‘HIDDEN MECHANISMS’ That Help Those Born Rich to Excel in Elite Jobs”


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February 27, 2019


Class, privilege, and wealth may have its benefits, but those born to it will never know the great joy of rising above. Yet, the biggest challenge for those of us who do is remembering class, privilege, and wealth are not who we are, but something we have achieved.

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier



Bad Behavior … Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

The challenge in choosing to respect … value every person results from the daunting task of seeing, disliking, and even hating bad behavior … yet not the person or humanity.

I know I struggled with this challenge most of my life like many people do because we are taught by experiences to do so … that is, until our Respect Level rises enough to see other humans as equal to us … in all their failings … and ours too.

There are those whose physiological makeup, their brain’s function, is impaired by natural chemical imbalances … natural mental health challenges, but a lot of mental health challenges are created by the world we live in and how we have shaped it by our choices of action or apathy … just going along for the ride.

Seen from the bigger picture perspective, we all make mistakes. Many people develop negative or blaming mentalities because to admit their own contribution may seem like a blow to what is often an over inflated ego… the kind developed and used to compensate for the unhealed wounds that still hurt.

I know because I lived that way too for most of my life … because I bought into the fallacy that my bad behavior, whether fueled by naivety, ignorance, disrespect, hurt, resentment, or anger, was who I was … someone bad … but I have learned we are all susceptible to bad behavior for a number of reasons, yet at the same time each and every one of us is a person … a human being … and what redeems us all is seeing beyond the bad behavior to help people in ways we can so they can develop the good behavior that results from feeling valued … respected regardless of the mistakes made … the bad behavior we manufacture.

And for any Christians reading this, we are called to forgive as many times as it takes, to help others get on the right track of good behavior by not adding another wrong on top of a wrong. It’s called love.

February 18, 2016

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Oppression by physical violence … deadly, but spirit oppression by those who do not know they are oppressed …

We know oppression by physical violence is deadly, but often we are not aware of the more life-threatening oppression of people’s spirits by those who are not even aware they are oppressed and, as a result, cast their oppression onto those they are supposed to be “helping.”

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in those who are supposed to lead others into the future … whether the leader is a parent, teacher, principal, counsellor, minister, politician, or mentor of any kind … anyone in a position of authority.

How we can determine if we are being led by an “oppressed” leader is by their words and actions that seek to keep us small and limited based on their oppression … their own experience of being oppressed … being told by words and actions their dreams and goals were not possible and so took the path their own leaders told them to take … and they too became like their leaders … oppressed, bitter and jaded … passing on the legacy of oppression without even knowing it.

Over my lifespan, what was applauded in my life was my conformity to other people’s expectations, regardless of what I wanted. Just because I could do well what other oppressed people valued, did not mean I valued what I could do … and over time, the denial of what I knew I could do, with time, study and experimentation turned me into an oppressed, bitter and jaded person till I became so sick in the spirit I had no desire to live.

Interestingly enough, as my Respect Level has grown, I repeatedly have to stand up against, not the physical oppression, but the constant onslaught of the oppression of the unconscious … a “traditional” mentor who attempted to slay with sarcasm and dismissal that writing a book was not “real work,” which I gather he has never done because he would know how much work it is … an employment “counsellor” who also attempted to dismiss “creativity” as something wives of Bruce Power husbands do because they can afford to create at their leisure and at their husband’s expense.

As I wrote yesterday in, “If I knew then what I know now …” my few previous attempts to reclaim my own identity, gifts, talents and abilities have been met with an unexpected backlash of negativity and what I now recognize as the spirit oppression by those who too were spirit oppressed but still do not know it.

All of which fuels my passion even more to raise both individual and our global Respect Level because we know what to do with the oppressors who use violence physically … we return the same on them, but as of yet, on a mass level, we have not even recognized how we are passing on the oppression by the denial of its existence and its impact on our lives and the lives of those we lead by example.

To “oppress” means to weigh heavily on the mind, spirit or senses; to keep down by the cruel or unjust use of power; tyrannize over.

Being “oppressive” is distressing, not only physically but also mentally.

When any person takes on any role of leadership, guiding and mentoring others, what would serve everyone is simply the recognition of one’s own oppression, overcoming it and helping others to do the same … so they can rise to their potential … not be limited by oppression’s weight that attempts to keep people small, limited and powerless … because keeping people small, limited and powerless is also what drives our economy … keeping our wealth capped by the those who seek their false security by their control by oppression over other people … so they feel more valued … respected.

The problem is oppressors will never ever find the peace and wealth they crave … because peace and wealth are only born of the freedom to be who we really are as unique individuals discovering, developing and delivering to the world what only we have to offer.

Ironically, in the end, the oppressors are the ones who ultimately suffer the most by the legacy of oppression they pass on … for they will never be happy, satisfied, fulfilled … and wealthy in the way that counts most … in their spirit.

June 24, 2014

KAT (Kaitlin A. Trepanier)

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