Want to Pay Less Tax?

Responsible, respectful governments collect taxes to run a country. Taxes pay salaries, equipment, etc. to provide services from transportation to social support programs and many things in between the two, plus to invest in the future and global relations.

The more we load the government with social responsibility by not respecting everyone and all the resources available to us, the more taxes the government will have to collect to offset the increasing need.

Therefore, if we truly want to pay less taxes, then we need to reduce the ways our beliefs, thoughts, and actions contribute to keep development and maintenance costs high.

So the next time we are tempted to take advantage because we (individuals, groups, and organizations) can, we only need to remind ourselves that our action(s) may not result in a tax increase, but multiply that action by hundreds and thousands of people for a bigger-picture perspective because that fresh perspective has the power to help us change and create the bigger change of lower taxes we say we want.


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June 7, 2019