As An Introvert, A Quieter Outdoor World Is Nice For A Change, Yet Surreal Too; However …

Understanding extroverts though, their brain’s need for external stimulation, my heart goes out to you because this must be very trying for many of you since there are more extroverts in the world, which makes for a dominantly and naturally noisier world that works for you … but is challenging for us introverts, which is why many of us spend so much time alone in our own spaces or move to the country if we can afford to do so. And some, sadly, choose to live homeless because they cannot afford living space that meets their needs.



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April 20, 2020

To Whom It May Concern

My waking up to the realities of my life, including the ones I had buried and other realities people also refused to believe or denied resulted, not just in the end of a nineteen-year marriage, but my slide into a deep, debilitating depression.

The marriage ending was no surprise, in retrospect, because it was built on falseness, including my own. Falseness created by a woman-child who had been severely harmed in her younger years and, subconsciously, was looking for safety in the guise of what was considered normal.

But the truth must come out or we, all of us, pay the consequences for living not just an unauthentic life, but a life that needs to be supported by acceptable untruths to make other people allow us into the pack.

We may appear to fit into the pack we think we need to be a part of to the point we become chameleons, sadly adapting to the point we lose our identity.

In the mid 1990’s, I realized I had lost mine and became undone.

Facing long-buried memories my mind had protected me from resulted in a waking up that was actually exhilarating because finally things and my life were starting to make sense. And even though successful in many people’s eyes, deep down I knew I was living marginally compared to what I, and some other people, believed I was capable of doing.

In the process of reclaiming my true identity, talents, and skills, I did not change my life, but also the lives of people in my life. Many people were hurt or angry, or both, and most walked, even ran away, though appearances made it look as if I was running away. In truth, they had left me, though not physically, long before I had the courage to leave.

Then I met someone who treated me with respect, care, and acceptance beyond what I had ever known, But, broken as I had been before I married, the end of many relationships, including the long-term marriage, resulted from many people’s unwillingness to just let me explore what was revealed as important to me and to let me in my own time and in my own way.

Sadly, but understandably now, even he ran away because well, I was literally falling apart at the seams and no one I knew wanted to be around so I left … dropped out of the life I had known.

Trying to save face and keep myself afloat, I denied the deep depression grabbing at my ankles, trying to pull me into a dark abyss. Money became an issue when I was laid off, but since my head was fogged with bad daydreams and worse nightmares, plus pride, overcoming the shame to seek and ask for help was prevented and I found myself slipping further into the abyss.

With no money, bills piling up, credit maxed to the limit, no food, and a roof over my head would soon not be able to afford, my body and my spirit laid down for ten days, barely getting out of bed to go to the washroom and take a sip of water. Only when someone showed up and discovered my state did things start to change, though not for the better.

In a matter of weeks, I found myself living in a suburban home in a room, ashamedly paid for by welfare. In a month, an unexpected call from a retail art and framing gallery. Finally, I was climbing up rather than sliding down. And I was grateful for a job where I was left alone to do a job in a world I wanted to explore. Creditors were the only ones interested in me now and I could not bear the harsh, cruel worlds and threats, so, since I had no idea how or when things were going to turn around I bowed my head further and filed for bankruptcy, handing my much-loved motorcycle back to the bank.

When I had expressed interest in moving to the west coast, a finance professional suggested I make the move so I could get my life back on track, including clearing my debts without the abusive creditors’ pressure. But, still gripped tightly by depression and a profound loss of confidence, I did not see a way to make the move. And frankly, I did not want to move away from those I loved, even if they no longer loved me, because I was clinging to the hope they would come back for me, in order to keep me moving forward.

After all I have been through, credit was not something I wanted to get involved with again and for several years I avoided it. But, when I was compelled by circumstances to move back to the place where I used to and where my dad still lived to help him through his last years, I could not do it without credit because I was forced to quit work to be on call for him twenty four hours a day. There was no other other financial support available to me.

When the collection calls started to come this time, I referred to the letters I had sent all my creditors explaining that I would not file for bankruptcy, but at some point I would pay back all my debts to them personally, and eventually with interest. Collection companies though would not listen and I discovered through the wretched process yet another significant contributor to abuse and its impact on people already struggling … a humanitarian injustice I will work to change.

And as someone who is now dedicated fully now to transforming how people are treated, regardless of their differences, circumstances, etc., I have been applying for grants to reboot the social business venture I initially started in 2014, but was stalled by parental care needs and the fallout of that time period.

I was inspired to share this glimpse of my life with the supporters of my quest to transform respect from a discretionary value to a global principle, with those who just want the money that was not even theirs to begin with and any interested party.

In time, God’s timing I believe, my company will secure the grants needed to get off the ground, running, and thriving. And in time, the creditors who enabled me to be there with my dad during his last, very difficult years will receive the rewards, not just of the money returned with interest, but also with the valuable lesson that not all people are out to screw creditors and treating people respectfully provides the motivation people need to repay debts rather than write them off. Financial institutions, as well as businesses, are also accountable too for exploiting people, especially low income people who earn poverty wages businesses offer, pay high percentages of their income for rent and utilities, and are encouraged strongly by media to want what they cannot afford.

With the COVID-19 pandemic being the going concern and the buzz phrase, “We’re in this together” promoting the impact we have on each other, now is the time to really get it … that we are all connected and what one person, one group, one organization, and one nation do impacts us all, so how and what we choose to do makes us problem makers or problem solvers.

As someone finally wide-awake, I choose to be a problem solver and  fortunately, inherently I excel at problem solving because of the way I see things.

As for whom it may concern, know this … I now know, mistakes and all, I am just as valuable as anyone else and no one gets to treat me as anything less than one worthy of respect … simply for being a life.

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April 18, 2020






Getting to the Source

Criticisms of Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers prompted me to write this discourse, not in defense of their personal choices, but in defense of the value they add to a world snared by negativity and opposed to that which is not.

I write this too because one of my best strengths is my drive to delve deep into a subject or problem to understand, then to analyze, and if appropriate, to expand or present a different perspective and at times, to simplify complex material to reach a broader audience. The best example to-date has been the development of the “Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle” concept that was designed specifically to be logical, practical, and compassionate in order to cross all the prejudicial and potential prejudicial thought barriers, such as religion, politics, social status, race, sex, etc.

However, now as a person studying the Bible for both intellectual and spiritual reasons, I find myself diving deep into waters filled with many sharks, though some are more dangerous than most.

Since I began my study in the past few years, occasionally I have heard of or read disparaging words about televangelist Bible teachers like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers, labelled with malcontent as “prosperity” ministers.

At first, I wondered why there was such vehemence and condemnation of Joel and Joyce, but I have discovered as my study of the Bible grows that many of their critics focus on the financial prosperity Joel and Joyce talk about that God promises, instead of the whole prosperity … health, loving relationships, quality of life, they also reveal as God promises.

Many critics, and even more religious leaders, instead focus on the inherent sin in humanity instead of the inherent good of God … His forgiveness, His generosity, His desire to be good to His children, His gift of free will to “choose life, not death” and much more, which is in great contrast to what my previous teachers’ takes on the Bible were about. By going directly to the source, I am finding many teachings I received were often taken out of context and/or used for their own advantages, including financial gain and the oppression of those they lead.

Now, I do not agree with everything Joel and Joyce say, because like the rest of us, they are human and subject to error, interpretation, and yes, temptation; however, I also greatly appreciate their shedding light on many of the misunderstandings or misconstrued teachings of others, particularly those who are the loudest opposition to Joel, Joyce, and others like them.

As Oprah Winfrey used to say, “What I know for sure is” … I know for sure that since listening to them and others who have a more positive approach to developing a working relationship with God, I have been able to begin studying the Bible on my own, which had been difficult for me because I focused too much, as I was taught to do, on the darkness, the fear, the condemnation, etc.

Now, driven by the desire to discover the truth on this subject, as I have been on many other subjects, not only has my intellect been challenged and my intelligence enlightened, I have also finally experienced peace and hope, my heart, hardened by years of extreme harmful, damaging experiences, reinforced by harsh, negative teachings has softened, and I am becoming the best version of me to date … not all I yet want to be as a respectful, loving person, but one who rigorously believes that uplifting people, not holding them down and making them feel insignificant, devalued, disrespected, is the way, as the sciences and the humanities also now know, to help people, communities, nations, and our world to thrive.

I am no theologian, but I have already learned the Old Testament was filled with many laws because they did not have the Holy Spirit that became available, in the New Testament with Jesus’s death and resurrection, which is why in the Old Testament there was much talk of sacrifices for atonement and people so out of control that God took them out. In fact, every time I tried to read the Bible, starting from the beginning, I was stonewalled by violent acts, which until further enlightened, I could not put into a reasonable context of understanding, or even acceptance.

Nor have I read the entire Bible, yet, but the message I have received so far is loud and clear … if we are creating strife by arguing, by belittling and harming other people, we are not walking in the love the New Testament directs us to do. If religions, or religious sects, are in conflict because they believe they are more right than others, they are not walking in love as the New Testament directs above all else … even above the Ten Commandments.

As it turns out, Connecting the Dots is just as easy to do with the Bible’s contents as it was with the development of The Respect Principle when we break it down to the basics.

What is not love, is hate. What is not love, is sin. And we all sin, and like it or not, sins are all recognized equally.

Therefore, if we choose to believe in God, we have to learn about Him and His ways by going to the source material just like we have to do with spelling and arithmetic in order to function in daily living and in any other area of interest we want to develop the knowledge and skills about so we can become qualified to live the life we choose, rather than the lives others choose for us. He wants it that way too … otherwise He would not have given us free will.

So let the critics criticize Joel, Joyce, and any others who are lifting people up, helping them to feel hopeful in a world that focuses on despair, hopelessness, fear, and other negative cohorts. Like you, I don’t have to approve of or be concerned with or critical of Joel’s new luxury home or how Joyce Meyer Ministries travels to all of their events any more or less than I approve of the Vatican’s cache of financial wealth or any person with the luxuries afforded by great financial wealth, but not yet the understanding that the vast wealth was not given to them for themselves only, but to help address the whole world’s needs. Instead, I have learned how important it is to pray for people who come into financial prosperity so they use it well to make the world a better place … for everyone … because not only do such acts help people with their basic human needs, more importantly, being a recipient of such kind generosity opens their heart to believing in the goodness of God and His promises. This I know from experience because it is working for me. And, then there is the fact that there is only one being with the right to judge anyone, because He knows our internal life, and that being is God.

Neighbours, it all comes down to this. Regardless of what anyone else has to say, bad or good, the choice is ours to make. It does not matter the many different paths or the many different people we follow until we get to the source personally. What is important is that we do get to the source to discover, for ourselves, the personal truths awaiting us, including the many kinds of prosperity God, who is love, yields.

Getting to the Source

June 28, 2016

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Ever Heard the Whole “Sodom” Story?

Raised and educated in Catholic churches and schools, my memory recollects the focus of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as the cities God annihilated because of sexual perversions.

Yet, since reading the Bible myself, I discovered the whole “Sodom” story in Ezekiel 16: 49. To respect copyright law, I’ll paraphrase. Basically because Sodom citizens were prosperous they ate what they wanted, did what they wanted, which included doing nothing or only leisure activities for their own pleasure … plus they did nothing to help the less fortunate either which angered God enough to destroy them all.

As a returning Christian believer, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn God’s teachings uncensored or sullied by interpretations, some with good intentions, but many others to create their own following in order to reap the benefits themselves.

Regardless of my own spiritual beliefs though, from a logical, practical, scientific perspective of cause and effect or a general metaphysical belief of karma or what goes around comes around, the same message is clear … self-centeredness and overindulgence with food and activities for our own satisfaction only, will manifest our own demise, individually and collectively … either through God’s direct hand or through the more subtle methods of social, economic, and environmental disasters and collapses.

This is not the world I want to live in and die in, want for my loved ones, or anybody … and probably not the one you truly want either … for yourself and your next generations.

Self assessment is a good thing, as is growing into wisdom from the knowledge gained directly or from others. It also demonstrates a higher than lower Respect Level.

And it is more rewarding than you may think it would be … Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle.

March 16, 2016

Kaitlin Ann Trepanier … The Respect Specialist, Humanitarian, Social Entrepreneur, Creative, and Writer. The social business venture creates, publishes, and produces books, products, and services to free potential based on the concept and global initiative “Connecting the Dots … with The Respect Principle.”

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“And the Lord turned the captivity of Job (from the enemy) and restored his fortunes when he prayed for (and forgave) his friends; also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.” Job 42:10

Three times I was righteous, in right standing with God … first as a baptized child, and then later, twice in my life when I sought to change … to do what was in my heart to do … to help people in the way my unique inherent and learned gifts, talents, and skills would allow … to do the right thing.

However, my differences as a child set me apart from the flock because of the flock’s misunderstanding and condemnation of those not mirroring back their own images. Without respect … being valued as a unique individual … like any child hungry for acceptance and safety, I turned to those who were also broken early and rejected, though, because of their own pain from their experiences, they took advantage of me … and taught me to do the same.

In my early thirties, I attempted to return to being righteous, but much had happened … things I had done … things done to me … so that even when the door opened and I walked through, the loneliness along with the additional condemnation overwhelmed me to the point I walked … ran away from everyone and everything, even that which had been good, even turning away that which felt right, like what I was supposed to be doing … writing to help people.

In my fifties, a final attempt rose up from deep inside to do right … to be righteous, but once again, I was shocked by the negative backlash, even though intellectually I knew there should be no reason for the shock because my research, studies, and analysis had clearly revealed the answer from both a scientific and a spiritual perspective.

But it has been in the past year, that I discovered Job and his story. Though he had been righteous all his life, God allowed the enemy to test and try him, taking away all that was good and bountiful in his life, which I felt like had been done to me too, but the difference between Job and myself was our attitudes. He had faith, never lost hope, trusted God … me, not so much. Not for most of my life anyway.

Though I had heard of Job the past few years, the hardships he endured … everything taken away from him … I had not yet read his story in The Bible, but yesterday, the page The Bible flipped open to was the ending of Job’s story and here I found the above passage.

Reading the end of Job’s story also revealed why I have lost so much … being tested, tried, and prepared for positive change, while mistakenly myself, along with many others, thought I had lost so much because I was a horrible person, unrighteous, made too many mistakes, and was reaping what I had sown.

For some time, the more honest, truthful, and full of integrity I grew, the more things got worse. I was frustrated that by doing all the right things, persecution seemed to rain upon, and even flood my life at times. And then the story of Job arrived and I understand what has happened and why.

As a result, with a new ability created by the new levels of respect, peace, and love to forgive all, I know I shall reap like Job now that I too have been freed. Perhaps the Lord will also bless me too more in the latter days of my life than He did in the beginning because of my commitment to doing the right things I am to do … now matter how long it has taken me and how many tries before I persevered and succeeded.

Perhaps when people read Job’s story and mine, DARK HORSES, they too will discover that reaping what we sow is not entirely in our hands, as any farmer or gardener will tell you. Stuff happens that we cannot control or even influence. Yet, as I am discovering, all things are possible when we believe in something more than just ourselves.

July 23, 2015


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Cats and dogs … the cost paid for our love … huge vet bills or neglect, abuse and euthanization

The facts and the story … we can do better!

According to statistics from the Ontario SPCA and other animal protection groups and service providers, thousands of cats and dogs are killed on purpose each year in shelters because of their sheer volume.

A volume created by cats and dogs not being spayed and neutered so they cannot have more unwanted babies that grow into the cats and dogs that have to be euthanized.

But kittens and puppies are cute. Many people want the cute babies … but not so much when they find out the commitment they need, the care, cost and training they need and of course, that cats and dogs, like people, lose their baby cuteness and the behavior and antics that once seemed cute and endearing are troublesome and are desired gone … and if they do not disappear as their owners wish, many of the cats and dogs are forced to disappear by being released in the country, dropped off at shelters, neglected, abused and even killed by their adoptive parent(s) or strangers.

Then there is the disparity between what veterinary clinics charge for spaying/neutering and what places like the SPCA charge. Vet clinic prices ranges start around $400.00, though locally, the total charge is even higher once all the other costs are added, but the SPCA offers the same service for $65.00 Canadian and additional costs are minimal in comparison to vet clinics. Even spending the dollars to get to their three locations in Barrie, Newmarket and St. Catharines is still less than half of driving a few miles or even thirty miles to nearby vet clinics.

It is ironic too, that many of the people who often need cats and dogs the most, are often those with little else in their lives, including money, but their cats and dogs.

I am writing this entry because of what I experienced in the past year and a half since I rescued an alley cat that found its way into my life one autumn night one and a half years ago when the seven-month old calico tomcat stood on his hind legs and reached up to me when I entered the basement of a place I was employed.

With a tiny thirteen-year old female cat at home, I was reluctant to take the alley cat home, but there he was. No one else wanted him, shelters were full and he was begging for a home. At the same time, most of my free time was consumed with my Dad’s care, as was my income, that was not fully supporting me and my Dad’s needs, so I did not have the money to have the tomcat fixed right away. But then, because he was not fixed, one horrific tom fight a few months later drove me to rush him into the vet clinic for an emergency appointment. A $300 invoice later with a quote for several hundred dollars more to be spent to neuter him, the escalating costs of being available for my Dad as well as the incredibly high hydro bills of this area, plus having to quit two jobs to be accessible for emergency care for my Dad has made it impossible for me to yet have the now two-year old tom neutered with the local high prices.

One day that will change and my tomcat will be a tom only in his dreams. It has been suggested I add his body to the pile of cats to be euthanized since no one else came forward to give him a home in response to my ads. It has been suggested, quietly and almost silently, that I set him free once again, since after all that is how he spent the first several months of his life. Even when I talk of how his companionship fills a void, how he loves to be near me, how he, along with my other furry friend, make me laugh and keep me company, there is talk of what a problem he is because he wants to be outside tomcatting.

But interestingly enough, no one from this area told me in the past year and a half when I had the resources and vehicle to take him to be neutered at the SPCA that the SPCA even offered this service for such a low-cost in comparison to local fees. So I am also writing this for all the cat and dog lovers in this area to inform them there is an alternative to adding yet another cat or dog to the feral cat and dog population or to the euthanized pile of bodies … with the request that when someone rescues an animal, adopts a new furry friend, tell them they have choices if financing the surgery may be too costly for them here. In fact, take one step further animal lover and drive the animal and its owner to one of the SPCA locations yourself. You will feel good about your good deed and you will prevent more cat and dog bodies from being abandoned, neglected, abused or killed because they are considered disposable because of our low RESPECT LEVEL for their lives.

March 15, 2014

Kaitlin A. Trepanier

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