“Getting to Work” … What Phrase Best Describes You?

From “THREE Getting to Work from Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron, and Kelly Tieger’s DO WHAT YOU ARE    Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type”

 #8 ENFJ “The Public Relations Specialists”

#9 INFJ “Catalysts for Positive Change”

#10 ENFP “Anything is Possible”

#11 INFP “Still Waters Run Deep”

#12 ENTJ “Everything is Fine – I’m in Charge”

#13 INTJ “Competence + Independence = Perfection”

#14 ENTP “Life’s Entrepreneurs”

#15 INTP “Ingenious Problem Solvers”

#16 ESTJ “Taking Care of Business”

#17 ISTJ “Take Your Time and Do It Right”

#18 ESFJ “What Can I Do For You?”

#19 ISFJ “On My Honor, to Do My Duty …”

#20 ESTP “Let’s Get Busy!”

#21 ISTP “Doing the Best I Can With What I Got”

#22 ESFP “Don’t Worry-Be Happy!”

#23 ISFP “It’s the Thought That Counts

As the authors point out in their book, one type best defines us, though we each fit differently from each group on the scale. We also are influenced by other personality type characteristics linked closest to us.

For instance, when I initially did an official MBTI test when working in a corporate head office, the results revealed  I was an INFJ, which was not a great fit for an organization doing what it was doing and the roles I took on. The reason I was not a great fit was because of my ignorance of my best strengths, interests, and of course, what was challenging for me in the environment and roles I naively placed myself in.

Recently I decided to revisit, but also delve deep into understanding the MBTI with the fifth edition,  Do What You Are   Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type. As the authors also point out, keep in mind that as we gain more experience and mature, we often find our personality types can become more balanced and/or blended.

For example, though the driving force for my work is my passion for helping people, exemplified by an INFJ, “Catalysts for Positive Change”,  I draw on my INTJ , “Competence + Independence = Perfection”,   to support my INFJ passion.

Yet also, characteristics of two the other comparative types I identify with,the INFP, “Still Waters Run Deep”,  and the INTP,  “Ingenious Problem Solvers”, also contribute significantly to my unique personality blend, the perfect mix for the work I am now finally doing as a social entrepreneur fuelled by my natural talents, skills, and experience as a philosopher, innovator, producer, publisher, writer, artist, speaker, and founder of the social business venture, Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle, driving the global initiative transforming respect from a discretionary value to a global initiative.

May not sound like your cup of tea, but I love all the elements of my work now … the challenges, the innovation, the creativity, and of course, all for the greater good of everyone!

Perhaps all you need to enhance your life, professionally and personally, is to learn a little more about yourself and those in your work and social circles. I highly recommend this well-respected concept, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), used for screening potential employees and for guiding students on career paths. Add the authors’ extensive expertise after coaching people, who use the MBTI for such purposes, and you have a wealth of empowering insights, knowledge, and tools to enrich your life on all levels.

Best wishes!


Philosopher Innovator Founder Social Entrepreneur Producer Publisher Writer Artist Speaker

Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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January 29, 2019